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Quantum Mechanics
Authors:   John L. Powell, Bernd Crasemann

ISBN: 978-81-85198-02-6 
Publication Year:   Reprint 1988
Pages:   520
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

This introduction to quantum mechanics, written at the senior-graduate level, emphasizes the physical basis of the subject, without undue neglect of its mathematical aspects. A noteworthy feature of the book is its careful, detailed explanation of scattering, matrix theory, transformation theory, angular momentum, radiation, and perturbation theory. Prominence is given to the role of symmetry operations and to the essentially algebraic structure of quantum-mechanical theory.

Key Features

Table of content

Historical Origins of the Quantum Theory / Foundations of Wave Mechanics / Wave Packets and the Uncertainty Principle / The Schrödinger Equation / Operators and Eigenfunctions / Spherically Symmetric Systems / Theory of Scattering / Matrix Mechanics / Angular Momentum and Spin / Perturbation Theory / Identical Particles / Appendix / Index.

Postgraduate Students