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Nuclear Physics
Authors:   I. Kaplan

ISBN: 978-81-85015-89-7 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2012
Pages:   784
Binding:   Paper Back

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Part I: The Background of Nuclear Physics The Chemical Foundations of Atomic Theory / Atoms, Electrons, and Radiations / The Nuclear Atom / X-Rays and Atomic Structure / The Quantum Theory of Radiation / The Special Theory of Relativity / Atomic Spectra and Atomic Structure / Part II: The Nucleus The Constitution of the Nucleus / Isotopes / Natural Radioactivity and the Laws of Radioactive Transformation / Artificial Nuclear Disintegration / Artificial Radioactivity / Alpha-Decay / Beta-Decay / Gamma-Rays and Gamma-Decay / Nuclear Reactions / Nuclear Forces and Nuclear Structure / Part III: Special Topics and Applications Neutron Physics / Nuclear Fission / Nuclear Energy Sources / The Acceleration of Charged Particles / Appendix / Answers to Problems / Index.

Postgraduate and Doctoral Students