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Feynman Lectures on Physics, The: Volume 3:Quantum Mechanics
Authors:   R. P. Feynman, R. B. Leighton, M. Sands

ISBN: 978-81-85015-84-2 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2008
Pages:   410
Binding:   Paper Back

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Quantum Behavior / The Relation of Wave and Particle Viewpoints / Probability Amplitudes / Indentical Particles / Spin One / Spin One-Half / The Dependence of Amplitudes on Time / The Hamiltonian Matrix / The Ammoia Maser / Other Two-State Systems / More Two-State Systems / The Hyperfine Splitting in Hydrogen / Propagation in a Crystal Lattice / Semiconductors / The Independent Particle Approximation / the Dependence of Amplitudes on Position / Symmetry and Conservation Laws / Angular Momentum / The Hydrogen Atom and the Periodic Table / Operators / The Schrödinger Equation in a Classical Context: A Seminar on Superconductivity / Feynman’s Epilogue / Appendix / Index.

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