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Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory, Third Edition
Authors:   J. R. Reitz, F. J. Milford, R. W. Christy

ISBN: 978-81-85015-79-8 
Publication Year:   1997
Pages:   554
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

This is one of the few well-written texts on electromagnetic theory catering to the needs of science studens. It has been well-planned, with good illustrations and chapter-end problems (with answers). The authors have provided the foundation of vector analysis in the first chapter. The concepts and the physical explanation of electromagnetics have been well amalgamated with mathematical theory in subsequent chapters.

Key Features

Table of content

Vector Analysis / Electrostatistics / Solution of Electrostatic Problems / The Electrostatic Field in Dielectric Media / Microscopic Theory of Dielectrics / Electrostatic Energy / Electric Current / The Magnetic Field of Steady Currents / Magnetic Properties of Matter / Microscopic Theory of Magnetism / Electromagnetic Induction / Magnetic Energy / Varying Currents / Physics of Plasmas / Electromagnetic Properties of Superconductors / Maxwell’s Equations / Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves / Waves in Bounded Regions / Optical Dispersion in Materials / Radiation Emission / Electodymamics / The Special Theory of Relativity / Appendix (I-V) / Index.

Undergraduate Students and Teachers