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University Physics, Sixth Edition
Authors:   F. W. Sears, M. W. Zemansky, H. D. Young

ISBN: 978-81-85015-63-7 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2013
Pages:   1004
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

The latest edition of the premier text for calculus-based physics course retains the basic qualities and organization of the previous edition, while incorporating important changes. The most successful elements of this book have been its emphasis of fundamentals, the careful development of problem solving skills, a good breadth of topics coverage, and clear explanations of topics.

Key Features

Table of content

Part I: Mechanics, Heat and Sound – Units, Physical Quantities and Vectors / Equilibrium of a Particle/ Motion on a Straight Line / Newton’s Second Law: Gravitation / Motion in a Plane / Work and Energy / Impulse and Momentum / Equilibrium: Moment of a Force / Rotation / Elasticity / Periodic Motion / Fluid Statics / Fluid Dynamics/ Temperature and Expansion / Quantity of Heat / Heat Transfer / Thermal Properties of Matter / The First Law of Thermodynamics / The Second Law of Thermodynamics / Molecular Properties of Matter / Mechanical Waves / Vibrating Bodies / Acoustic Phenomena / Part II: Electricity and Magnetism; Light, and Atomic Physics – Coulomb’s Law / The Electric Field; Gauss’s Law / Potential / Capacitance, Properties of Dielectrics / Current, Resistance, and Electromotive Force / Direct-Current Circuits and Instruments / The Magnetic Field / Magnetic Forces on Current-Carrying Conductors / Magnetic Field of a Current / Induced Electromotive Force / Inductance / Magnetic Properties of Matter / Alternating Currents / Electromagnetic Waves / The Nature and Propagation of Light / Images Formed by a Single Surface / Lenses and Optical Instruments / Interference and Diffraction / Polarization / Relativistic Mechanics / Photons, Electrons, and Atoms / Quantum Mechanics / Atoms, Molecules, and Solids / Nuclear Physics / Appendixes / Suggested Readings / Index.

Undergraduate students