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Physics of the Atom, Fourth Edition
Authors:   M. R. Wehr, J. A. Richards, T. W. Adair

ISBN: 978-81-85015-60-6 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2013
Pages:   610
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

This edition is designed to meet the modern need for a better understanding of the atomic age. It is an introduction suitable for students with a background in college physics and mathematical competence at the level of calculus. This book is designed to be an extension of the introductory college physics course into the realm of atomic physics.

Key Features

Table of content

The Atomic View of Matter / The Atomic View of Electricity / The Atomic View of Radiation / The Atomic Models of Rutherford and Bohr / Relativity / X-rays / Waves and Particles / Quantum Mechanics / The Atomic View of Solids / Natural Radioactivity / Nuclear Reactions and Artificial Radioactivity / Nuclear Energy / High-Energy Physics / Appendixes / Suggested Exercises / Index.

Undergraduate students of Engineering and Physics