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Cracking the CSAT Code @ Call Centers
Authors:   Dipankar Das

ISBN: 978-81-8487-615-4 
Publication Year:   2018
Pages:   172
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

CRACKING THE CSAT CODE offers the BPO industry a solution to not only hold its ground, but grow again by delivering exceptionally good customer experience. It takes the reader through the range of BPO processes and how each step can be imbues with concern for the needs of the customer. While offering no effortless silver bullet, the book delves into the various ways, Indian and Filipino contact centers can deliver world class customer experience. The book digs deep to show that contact centers in this part of the world need to understand their audience from a cultural context, while improving their internal processes from hiring and training to service delivery. BPO Executives and those working on improving customer experience would find this book a treasure trove of best practices which could be implemented with ease. Management literature buffs too would find it a good read, replete with interesting insights into the working of the globalized outsourcing industry.

Key Features

Table of content

Hiring for BPMs / Voice and Accent Training / Bracing for a Flat World / Product and Process Training / The Millennial Makeover / Understanding the CSAT Challenge / Are You Being Served / The Newbies Email and Chat / A Word on Quality and Compliance / Life at the Call Center / A Word on Tech Horizon / Conclusion.

Postgraduate Students, Professionals and Researchers