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Advanced Mechanics of Solids:A Gentle Introduction
Authors:   K.B.M. Nambudiripad

ISBN: 978-81-8487-612-3 
Publication Year:   2018
Pages:   424
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

ADVANCED MECHANICS OF SOLIDS: A Gentle Introduction is meant for the students who seem to have much difficulty with this subject. It tries to present the crucial concepts gently and painlessly in the early chapters, but without sacrificing rigour. Copious footnotes and a large chapter of more than sixty illustrative examples are a feature of the book. These illustrative examples do not include all numerical problems.

Key Features

Table of content

Preface / Introduction / Special Problems in Bending / Index Notation / The State of Stress at a Point / More about Stresses / Analysis of Strain at a point / Constitutive Equations / General Considerations / Two-Dimensional Problems / Energy Methods / Torsion of Non-Circular Bars / Field Equations of the Theory of Elasticity / A few illustrative Examples / Early History / Bibliography / Index.

Under & Post Graduate Students, Researchers & Teachers