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Statistical Mechanics
Authors:   Geeta Sanon

ISBN: 978-81-8487-609-3 
Publication Year:   2019
Pages:   524
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

STATISTICAL MECHANICS is a comprehensive text intended for the students in Physics. The book consists of eleven chapters, which aim to familiarize readers with the basic ideas and postulates of statistical-mechanics. The chapters give an insight into the essence of statistical methods. The book will be helpful for students of Physics honours course in Indian and International Universities.

Key Features

  • • Detailed introductory chapter familiarizes step by step, with the basic ideas and concepts of Statistical Mechanics. • Solved Examples and ‘Do it yourself” provided • Special emphasis on essential points in the form of ‘Worthy of notes’ • Value added with MCQs, short and long answer questions and unsolved problems with their answers and hints.

Table of content

Preface / Fundamentals of Statistical Mechanics / Link Between Statistical-Mechanics and Thermodynamics / Statistical Distributions / Partition Function / Ideal Classical Gas / Diatomic Gases / Negative Temperatures / Black-Body Radiation / The Ensemble Theory / Ideal Bose-Einstein Gas / Ideal Fermi-Dirac Gas / Exercise Answers / Appendix / Bibliography / Index.

Undergraduate Students, Professionals and Researchers