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Engineering Graphics, Fourth Edition
Authors:   A. M. Chandra, S. Chandra

ISBN: 978-81-8487-405-1 
Publication Year:   2015
Pages:   372
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

Engineering Graphics Fourth Edition has several new features. The chapter on Projection of Lines is now included in the main body of the book which was added as an appendix in the third edition due to some printing errors. Readers will find it more convenient now. The book has been completely and thoroughly revised for any editorial corrections with following salient features. New Problems added in Chapter 2 and 6 All illustrations redrawn for better clarity More than 100 solved problems with step by step procedure More than 200 problems for self-test More than 300 illustrations with detailed constructional procedure

Key Features

Table of content

Preface to the Fourth Edition / Preface to the First Edition / Abbreviations, Symbols and Notations / Introduction / Drawing Instruments / Lettering and Dimensioning / Geometrical Constructions, Conic Sections and Curves / Scales / Theory of Projections / Projection of Points / Projection on Auxiliary Planes / Projection of Lines / Oblique Planes / Projection of 2 dimensional objects (Plane Figures) / Projection of 3-Dimensional Objects (Solids) / Sections of Solids / Development of Surfaces / Helixes and Screw Threads / Isometric Projections / Perspective Projection / Intersection of Surfaces / Computer-Aided Drafting / Index.

All Engineering disciplines and CAD