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Business Statistics:A Textbook
Authors:   Sandeep Kumar, Pratibha Bala, Sweta Bakshi

ISBN: 978-81-8487-389-4 
Publication Year:   2016
Pages:   414
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

BASIC STATISTICS presents basic concepts as well as broad and up-to-date functions and techniques. Thorough emphasis has been given on theoretical aspect as well as on problems concerned with these theories. Topics covered include Central tendency, Dispersion, Time series analysis, Index number, Correlation, Regression, Sampling distributions, Estimation, Chi-Square distribution, Analysis of variance probability and hypothesis testing, Random variables, sampling, Analyzing business data, Decision theory, and more. Though designed for classroom use, this is also valuable as self-teaching volume for business persons engaged in various fields. When used in college business courses, it answers, “how to apply statistical methods to a variety of business situations in order to produce enlightened and profitable information.

Key Features

Table of content

Preface / Statistics: An Overview / Data Classification, Tabulation and Presentation / Measures of Central Tendency / Measures of Dispersion / Time Series Analysis / Index Number / Correlation / Regression / Multiple / Regression and Correlation Analysis / Probability / Probability Theoretical Distribution / Sampling Distributions / Estimation / Hypothesis / Chi-square Distribution / Analysis of Variance / Non-parametric Statistics / Statistical Quality Control / Appendixes / Bibliography / Index.

Under & Postgraduate Students, Professionals, Researchers and Industry