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Mathematical Foundation for Computer Science
Authors:   M. Vasanthi

ISBN: 978-81-8487-185-2 
Publication Year:   2013
Pages:   272
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

MATHEMATICAL FOUNDATION FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE, a textbook covers mathematical logic, Normal Forms, Graphs, Trees and Relations. The emphasis in the book is on the presentation of fundamentals and theoretical concepts in an intelligible and easy to understand manner. Every topic is illustrated with a number of problems of increasing complexities which will help the beginner understand the fundamentals involved and enable them to solve various problems.

Key Features

  • Carefully selected problems Detailed step-by-step solutions included in each chapter Answers for every problem and hints for difficult problems provided Emphasizes an investigative and exploratory approach

Table of content

Preface / Logic: Introduction / TF Statements / Connectives / Atomic and Compound Statements / Well-Formed Statement Formulae and Parsing Trees / Truth Table of a Formula / Tautology / Tautological Implications and Equivalence of Formulae / Functionally Complete Sets of Connectives / Duality Law / Normal Forms: Introduction / Basics / Disjunctive Normal Form / Conjunctive Normal Form / Principal Normal Forms / Theory of Inference / Open Statements / Quantifiers with One Variable / Quantifiers with Two Variables / Theory of Inference for Predicate Calculus / Graphs: Introduction / Basics / Isomorphism / Sub Graphs / Walks, Trails and Paths in an Undirected Graph / Directed Graph / Matix Representation of Graphs / Trees: Introduction Basics / Types of Trees / Centers in a Tree / Fundamental Circuits / Matrix Tree Theorem / Spanning Trees / Algorithms / Cut-Set and Cut-Vertices / Eulerian Graph / Hamiltonian Graph / Important Theorems / Relations and Lattices: Introduction / Cartesian Product of Two Sets / Relation / Representation of Relation / Operations on Relation / Composition of Relations / Matrix Representation / Equivalence Relation / Binary Relation / Partial Order Relation / Closures / Lattices / Boolean Algebra / Solved Paper / Model Questions / Index.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in Computer Science and Mathematics