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Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
Authors:   Vimal Kumar Jain

ISBN: 978-81-8487-043-5 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2017
Pages:   512
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics provides the foundation for much of one’s future work in atomic, molecular and nuclear physics. The topics included in this book are various experiments that laid the foundation of quantum mechanics and discusses the Schrodinger wave equation, General formalism of Quantum mechanics, Particle in a box, The Step potential and Potential barriers, Angular momentum, Hydrogen atom, Harmonic oscillator, Approximation method for stationary state, Time dependent perturbation theory, Semiclassical theory of radiation, Atoms in external field, Scattering theory, Identical particles.

Key Features

  • • Emphasizes the physical basis of the subject without undue neglect of the mathematical aspects. For complete understanding all the mathematical steps required are included. • Solved examples and problems at the end of each chapter. • Students appearing for NET, GATE and other competitive examinations would find this book useful.

Table of content

Introduction / The Schrödinger Wave Equation / General Formalism of Quantum Mechanics / Particle in a Box / The Step Potentials and Potential Barrier / Angular Momentum / Hydrogen Atom / Harmonic Oscillator / Approximation Methods for Stationary States / Time Dependent Perturbation Theory / Semiclassical Theory of Radiation / Atoms in External Fields / Scattering Theory / Identical Particles / Selected Bibliography / Subject Index.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students of Physics and Chemistry