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Power Electronics
Authors:   S. C. Tripathy

ISBN: 978-81-7319-889-2 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2014
Pages:   464
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

Power Electronics is intended as an introduction to the basic theory and practice of modern power electronics and in particular with the application of power electronics theory for d.c and a.c motor control. The subject of power electronics began with the advent of thyristor, which revolutionized the art of power control and conversion. In due course of time, many more power conversion devices such as power transistor, power MOSFET, GTO, IGBT, SIT, SITH, MOS-controlled thyristor emerged. This book not only contains teaching material on physical principles of the above-mentioned devices, but also the circuit applications of controlled rectifiers, inverters, d.c.choppers, cycloconventers, switch-mode power supply alongwith practical aspects relating to application of power electronics to d.c motor and a.c motor speed control. The text is suitable for UG and postgraduate programmes in power electronics and drives in the disciplines of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Instrumentation and Control Engineering.

Key Features

Table of content

Semiconductor Diode Theory / Power Diodes and Transistors / Diodes Rectifiers / MOSFET and IGBT/ PSPICE: Simulation Software / Thyristor (SCR) / Thyristor Family, Timing and OP-AMP Circuits / Series and Parallel Connection of SCRs, their Gate Characteristics and Firing Circuits / Controlled Rectifiers / SCR Commutation Circuits / AC Voltage Controllers / Cycloconverters / D.C. Chopper / Inverters / DC-DC Switch Mode Regulators, SM-Power Supplies, and Resonant Pulse Converters / Solid-State Motor Control and Electric Drives / Appendix / Index.

Undergraduate Postgraduate Students in Power Electronics