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Atoms and Molecules in Laser and External Fields
Authors:   Man Mohan

ISBN: 978-81-7319-810-6 
Publication Year:   2008
Pages:   184
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

The recent evolution of lasers and other external field (e.g. Synchrotron radiation, strong electric and magnetic fields) sources is opening up new frontiers of science which cover explorations in broad areas ranging from atomic, molecular and optical physics (AMOP) to nuclear fusion and high energy particle physics; even further to astrophysics and cosmology. Atomic and molecular dynamics is being explored at the femto and near atto- second time scale. Ultra-intense laser and other external fields attracting vigorous attention and interest from the view point of their control. The topics covered in the book are: Applications of ultra-intense ultra-short pulse lasers; Atoms, molecules and clusters in strong laser and other external fields; high field chemistry; high harmonic generation (HHG), X-ray generation by laser matter interactions and their applications, collisions in laser fields, relativistic particle generation and acceleration by super-strong laser plasma interactions etc.

Key Features

Table of content

Preface / Placing Molecular Dynamics under Control with Photonic Reagents / Experimental Investigation of the Optical Response of Nanostructured Metal Surfaces / Attochemistry is Coming On / Enhanced Optical Response in Multi-Atom Ensembles / Atoms and Molecules in Strong, High-Frequency Fields / Trapping Population Inside a Potential Well by Using Laser Field / Photodissociation Dynamics: Polarization of Atomic Fragments / Selective Control of Photodissociation in HOD / Spin Dependent Currents in Intense-Field Single Photoionization / Two-Photon X-Ray Transitions in Simple High-Z Atomic Systems / Laser Spectroscopy and Epr Analysis of the Strong Ga Atoms/sio2 Surface Interaction / 1s-2s Raman Transitions in Hydrogen-Like Atoms / Molecular Dynamics in Intense Laser Fields / Spectroscopic Study of Fano Interaction in Laser-Etched Silicon Nanostructures / Application of the Activation Process Model to the Molecules, Positive Molecular Ions, Clusters and Proteins Surrounded of IR Laser Radiation / The Second-Born Approximation in Electron-Helium Collisions in the Presence of a Laser Filed / Observation of Dip in Rate of Ionization in a Discharge under Externally Applied Magnetic Field / TL Study of CaxSr1 xSO4: Eu Phosphors / Laser Produced Spectrum of Zn2 Molecule in the 380450 nm Region / Nonlinear Optics of Ultra-short Laser Pulses: Cascades and Sliding Resonances / Coherent Control of Population Transfer to Excited Vibrational-Rotational Levels by Stimulated Raman Processes / Index.

Postgraduate Students, Researchers & Teachers in Physics