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Civil Engineering Materials and their Testing
Authors:   Syed Danish Hasan

ISBN: 978-81-7319-739-0 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2018
Pages:   134
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

Civil Engineering Materials and their Testing introduces the reader to the basic construction materials like cement, aggregate, concrete, steel and brick. It gives an account of their origin, classifications, engineering properties, qualities, and standard tests. Each test includes its objective, apparatus/equipments, material requirements, formula, precautions and stepwise procedure in a lucid manner. Space for observations and results are also provided. Factors affecting different materials properties are also covered. It also deals with the functioning and maintenance of a variety of well-labeled apparatus and modern testing machines.

Key Features

  • Testing of materials are discussed in a systematic manner Questions for further discussion are incorporated for in-depth understanding of the behaviour and the field applications of the materials

Table of content

Cement Introduction / Chemistry of Cement / Types, Properties and Uses of cement / Testing of Cement / Field Testing of Cement / Laboratory Testing of Cement / Experiments / Aggregate Introduction / Classification of Aggregates / Sampling of Aggregates for Tests / Testing of Aggregates / Experiments / Cement Concrete Introduction / Properties of Concrete / Workability / Factors Influencing Workability / Segregation and Bleeding / Strength of Concrete / Qualities of a Good Concrete/ Compression Testing Machine / Flexure Strength Testing Machine / Experiments / Steel Introduction / Mechanical Properties of Ductile Materials/ Factors Affecting Impact Value / Testing Machines and their Maintenance / Experiments / Brick Classification of Burnt Clay Bricks / Size and Weight of Bricks / Testing of Bricks / Qualities of a Good Brick / Experiments.

Undergraduate Students