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Power Electronics Laboratory:Theory, Practice & Organization
Authors:   O. P. Arora

ISBN: 978-81-7319-716-1 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2012
Pages:   370
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

Power Electronics Laboratory: Theory, Practice & Organization provides an up-to-date and balanced coverage of all important power electronic devices including experiments on converters using new power electronic devices such as IGBTs, Power MOSFETs, etc. It will serve as a practical and necessary supplement to the main text for undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma students of electrical, electronics and telecommunication engineering. The book is also a rich source of information to instructors, teachers, manufacturers of Drives and laboratory incharges. It also provides relevant information for the development and organization of a well-equipped power electronics instructional laboratory.

Key Features

  • Four appendices covering general instructions, commonly used ICs and devices employed in control and triggering circuits.

Table of content

Foreword / Preface / Introduction / Power Electronic Devices and Circuits / Apparatus and Safety Measures for a Power Electronics Lab / Characteristics of a Thyristor and a Triac / Different Triggering Circuits for Thyristors / Single-phase Firing Circuits Suitable for Triggering Thyristors in a Single-phase AC Voltage Controller or Converters / Different Types of Single-phase AC Regulators / Single-phase Fully Controlled Bridge Converter / Single-phase Half Controlled Symmetrical and Asymmetrica Bridge Converters / Two-stage Sequence Controlled Single-phase Converters / Different Types of DC Choppers (DC to DC Converters) / Step-down Thyristorized Choppers / MOSFET/IGBT/Transistorized Single-phase PWM Converters / Single-phase Cycloconverters / Single-phase MOSFET/IGBT / Power Transistor Inverters / Microprocessor Support Chips and PWM Chip Used Single-phase Sinusoidal PWM Inverters and Voltage to Frequency Ratio (V/F) Control for Single-phase Induction Motor / Single-phase Modified Series Inverter / Temperature Control of a Soldering-iron with a Closed Loop Proportional Control and ON-OFF Hysteresis Control / Three-phase, Half-controlled Thyristorized Bridge Converter with Triggering Circuit / Three-phase Fully-Controlled Thyristor Bridge Converter with Triggering Circuits / Three-phase Thyristorized AC Regulator / Microprocessor Support Chips and PWM Chip used Three-Phase Sinusoidal PWM Inverters and Voltage to Frequency Ratio (V/F) Control for Three-phase Induction Motor / Appendix 1: General Instructions / Appendix 2: General Information for Commonly Used Integrated Circuits (ICs) / Appendix 3: Devices Employed in Control Circuits / Appendix 4: Circuits Employed in Control Unit / Answers to Selected Problems / References / Index.

Undergraduate-Postgraduate Students