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Discrete Structures and Automata Theory
Authors:   R. Dube, A. Pandey, Ritu Gupta

ISBN: 978-81-7319-663-8 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2011
Pages:   586
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

Discrete Structures and Automata Theory is designed for an introductory course on formal languages, automata and discrete mathematics.

Key Features

  • Uses numerous figures to help convey ideas, Every topic followed by exhaustic examples, Extensive exercises of wide-ranging difficulty levels, Presents a graphical notation for PDA’s and Turning Machines

Table of content

Preface / Part 1: Discrete Structures: Set Theory/ Relations/ Functions/ Lattices/ Theory of Groups/ Rings and Field/ Discrete Numeric Functions/ Generating Functions/ Recurrence Relations/ Boolean Algebra/ Mathematical Reasoning/ Propositional Calculus & Logic / Part 2: Theory of Automata and Formal Languages: Introduction to Automata/ Automata with output/ Regular Expression and Languages/ Properties of Regular Languages/ Context free grammar and language/ Simplified Context free grammar and its normal form/ Push Down Automata/ Properties of Context free languages/ Turing Machine/ The Chomsky Hierarchy/ Notations/ Index.

Undergraduate Students