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Green Chemistry:Environment Friendly Alternatives
Authors:   R. Sanghi, M. M. Srivasatava

ISBN: 978-81-7319-523-5 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2012
Pages:   372
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

Green Chemistry discusses the engineering concept of pollution prevention and zero waste both at laboratory and industrial scale. It encourages the use of economical and eco-friendly benign techniques which not only improves the yield but also brings down the cost of disposal of waste at the end of a chemical process

Key Features

  • Compilation of chemical, environmental, step change technologies Solvent alternatives, natural products Applicability to research as well as industry

Table of content

Foreword / Preface / List of contributors / INTRODUCTION TO GREEN CHEMISTRY: The need for green chemistry-R. Sanghi / Green chemistry-Innovations for a cleaner world-S. Srivastava & M M Srivasatava / Introduction, inception and evolution of green chemstry- R. Sanghi / AN ALTERNATE APPROACH TO SOLVENT CHEMISTRY: Exploring solvent free reactions-J. L Scott / A new tool for green chemistry: Solvent free microwave assisted organic synthesis-A. Loupy / Non traditional greener alternatives to synthetic organic transformations using microwaves-R. S. Varma / Ionic Iiquids: Prospects and retrospect-M.J. Earle et al. / Supercritical fluid extraction: A cleaner technology option for the industry-S. Sahu / ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY GREEN TECHNIQUES: Supported catalysis and reagents for green chemistry-E. B.Mubofu / Environmentally friendly synthesis and reactions of a,b unsaturated nitroalkenes-D. Amantani et. al. / Heterogenised reactions for green chemistry-J.S. Yadav et al / Trace element speciation by hyphenated techniques: A double impact for green chemistry-K. Wrobel et. al. / ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES: Oxidation technology at ambient conditions for wastewater treatment-A B Pandit & P R Gogate / A critical review on remediation technologies of textile effluents-P. Nigam et al / STEP CHANGE BIO-TECHNOLOGY FOR EXPLOITING GREEN CHEMISTRY: Green chemicals: Prospects and future in designing new drugs-G. Strobel & S. Saxena / Green Chemistry using biocatalytic reactions-A. Pandey et. al. / Designing next generation agrochemicals from nature-S. Saxena / MORE ABOUT GREEN CHEMISTRY: Green Chemistry awards / Books on green chemistry / Important websites / Biographic sketches of authors

Students of Chemistry and Environmental Science