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Plasma Techniques for Film Deposition
Authors:   M. Konuma

ISBN: 978-1-84265-151-3 
Publication Year:   2005
Pages:   347
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

Plasma Techniques for Film Deposition describes the technology and applications of cold plasma for thin-film deposition. The plasma is generated under low pressure and characterized by a non-thermal equilibrium. An attempt has been made to not only provide an introductory text but also to present the latest techniques and recent results. Fundamentals of plasma science such as its characterization, chemical and physical reactions in plasmas, basic techniques to generate and to diagnose plasmas Techniques for generating high-density plasmas are outlined like the conventional electrical and magnetic methods, and the modern schemes for inductively coupled and helicon-wave plasmas Plasma diagnostic methods, such as optical spectroscopy, electrical probes, mass and energy analysis of excited molecules and ions in plasma Specific techniques are treated for thin-film formation: sputter deposition, ion plating, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition and plasma surface modification Films, like amorphous, nano- and micro-crystalline silicon, polymorphs of carbon, i.e. amorphous phase, diamond, fullerenes and nanotubes, boron and carbon nitrides can be deposited

Key Features

Table of content

Preface / The Plasma State / Reactions in Plasmas / Generation of Cold Plasma / Plasma Diagnostics / Cold Plasma and Thin Film Formation / Physical Vapor Deposition under Plasma Conditions / Chemical-Vapor Deposition under Plasma Conditions / Surface Modification by Cold Plasma / References / Further Readings / Acronyms and Abbreviations / Subject Index.

Undergraduate, Graduate Students, Scientists & Professionals