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Bifurcation Theory of Limit Cycles
Authors:   Han Mao'an

ISBN: 978-1-78332-271-8 
Publication Year:   2017
Pages:   360
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

BIFURCATION THEORY OF LIMIT CYCLES introduces the bifurcation theory of limit cycles of planar systems with multiple parameters. It is focused on the most recent developments in this field and provides major advances in fundamental theory of limit cycles. The main topics include Hopf bifurcation of limit cycles from a center or a focus, homoclinic bifurcations near a homoclinic or a heteroclinic loop, and the number of limit cycles in global bifurcations of near-Hamiltonian polynomial systems of arbitrary degree. This book will be of use to graduate mathematics students as well as scientists.

Key Features

Table of content

Preface / Limit Cycle and Its Perturbations / Focus Values and Hopf Bifurcation / Perturbations of Hamiltonian Systems / Stability of Homoclinic Loops and Limit Cycle Bifurcations / The Number of Limit Cycles of Polynomial Systems / Bibliography / Index.

Graduate Students, Professionals & Researchers