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Statistical Mechanics
Author(s): Madhusudan Jana

ISBN:    978-81-8487-383-2 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2017
Pages:   290
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   410


About the book

STATISTICAL MECHANICS is self sufficient, written in a lucid manner, keeping in mind the exam system of the universities. Need of study this subject and its relation to Thermodynamics is discussed in detail. Starting from Liouville theorem gradually, the Statistical Mechanics is developed thoroughly. All three types of Statistical distribution functions are derived separately with their periphery of applications and limitations. Non-interacting ideal Bose gas and Fermi gas are discussed thoroughly. Properties of Liquid He-II and the corresponding models have been depicted. White dwarfs and condensed matter physics, transport phenomenon thermal and electrical conductivity, Hall effect, Magneto resistance, viscosity, diffusion, etc. are discussed. Basic understanding of Ising model is given to explain the phase transition. The book ends with a detailed coverage to the method of ensembles (namely Microcanonical, canonical and grand canonical) and their applications. Various numerical and conceptual problems are worked out and some are left for the readers. Overall the book is designed for all category of learner with a very different approach relative to major available books.

Table of Contents

Preface / Basics of Statistical Mechanics and its Relation to Thermodynamics / Classical Maxwell-Boltzmann Statistics / Bose-Einstein Statistics / Properties of Liquid Helium / Fermi-Dirac Statistics / Transport Phenomenon / Phase Transitions / Method of Ensembles / Appendices / Index.


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, Professionals and Researchers


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