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Gold Metallogeny: India and Beyond
Editor(s): Mihir Deb, Richard Goldfarb

ISBN:    978-81-8487-026-8 
Publication Year:   2010
Pages:   320
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   210mm x 297mm
Weight:   1200

About the book

GOLD METALLOGENY India and Beyond, comprises fourteen chapters contributed by well known economic geologists from three continents. The book highlights the conceptual issues related to gold metallogeny in different geological environments with an aim to find new directions in exploration. The first section (five chapters) deals with a global perspective of gold metallogeny in space and time with specific case studies from Canada, Russia and Australia. It outlines the controls on the global distribution of orogenic gold deposits and emphasizes their significance relative to India. The second section (nine chapters) provides an exhaustive account of our present understanding of gold metallogeny in peninsular India with specific reference to Hutti gold mines, Ramagiri gold field, gold in southern high grade terrain, gold prospects in eastern Indian shield and a promising gold prospect in Proterozoic metasediments at Bhukia-Jagpura, northwestern India. This section also carries a chapter on the structural processes involved in the generation of orogenic gold deposits with focus on some Indian occurrences of this class of deposits. The book is profusely illustrated throughout with black and white diagrams and carries a section of coloured plates at the end.

Table of Contents

Preface / Metallogenic Provinces of Laurentia in a Superplume-Supercontinent Framework with a Focus on Gold / Evidence for a Two-stage Process in the Genesis of Sediment-hosted Gold-Arsenic Deposits / Controls on the Global Distribution of Orogenic Gold and their Significance in Relation to India / A Multi-stage Origin for the Meguma Lode Gold Deposits, Nova Scotia, Canada: A Possible Global Model for Slate Belt-hosted Gold Mineralization / Polymictic Conglomerate as a Guide to Gold in Archean Greenstone Belts with Reference to Hutti and Kolar, Eastern Dharwar Craton, India / Gold Mineralization in India: An Introduction / A Review of the Structural Characteristics of Orogenic Gold Deposits, with Special Reference to Indian Gold Fields / Metamorphism and Hydrothermal Fluid Evolution in Relation to Gold Metallogeny, Dharwar Craton, Southern India / Modeling the Hutti Gold Deposit: Challenges and Constraints / Geochemistry and Evolution of the Hutti-Maski Greenstone Belt: Link between Archean Crustal Evolution and Gold Mineralization / A Model for Gold-Sulfide Mineralization in the Kottapalle Mining Block of the Ramagiri Greenstone Belt, Eastern Dharwar Craton, Southern India: Constraints from Stable Isotope Geochemistry and Fluid Inclusion Studies / Gold Mineralization in the Southern Granulite Terrane of Peninsular India / Geology of the Bhukia-Jagpura Prospect, Banswara District, SE Rajasthan, India and a Model for Gold Mineralization / Gold Mineralization in the Eastern Segment of Indian Precambrian Shield: A Review / Colour Plate Section / Index / About the Editors.


Graduate Students, Researchers and Scientists in Earth Science


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