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Composite Materials: Production, Properties, Testing and Applications
Author(s): K. Srinivasan

ISBN:    978-81-7319-929-5 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2018
Pages:   146
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   200


About the book

Composite Materials: Production, Properties, Testing and Applications discusses in detail reinforcements, matrices, composites such as MMCs, PMCs, CMCs, CCCs and IMCs alongwith production processes, properties and applications, and also testing of composites both destructive and nondestructive. Mechanics of composites based on rule of mixtures at an introductory level and numerical problems add value to the book. The importance of composite materials as engineered materials in modern society is clearly brought out.

Key Features

  • Questions at the end of each chapter

Table of Contents

Preface / Introduction: Definition / Classification of Composites / Typical Matrix and Fibre Materials/ Applications / Laminates and Hybrids / Comparison of MMCs, CMCs and PMCs / Notations / Reinforcements: Metallic Fibres / Polymeric Fibres / Ceramic Fibres / Composite Fibres / SiC Whisker / SiC Particle / Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs): Introduction / Production Techniques / Properties / Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs): Introduction / Production of PMCs / Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs): Introduction / Production Techniques / Carbon-Carbon Composites (CCCs): Introduction / Production / Intermetallic Matrix Composites (IMCs): Introduction / Intermetallic Composites / Processing and Production Techniques for IMCs/ Promising IMCs Systems / Properties of IMCs / Toughness of IMCs / Applications of IMCs / Mechanics of Composite Materials: Continuous Fibres / Discontinuous Fibres / Nature of Stress vs Strain Curve for Composites / Mechanical Properties: Creep of Composites / Fatigue of Composites / Fracture Toughness / Testing and Inspection: Introduction / Reinforcement Testing / Matrix Testing / Composites Testing / Statistical Analysis of Properties / Dispersion and Particulate Strengthened Composites: Dispersion Strengthened Composites / Particulate Strengthened Composites / Cermets / Polymets / Recent Developments: Self Healing (Repairing) Composites / Molecular Composites / Micro Composites/ Nano Composites / Left Handed Composite Materials / Stiffer Than Stiff Composites / Quick Step Process for PMCs / Biocomposites / Complex Composites / Numerical Problems / Appendix / Bibliography / Questions / Solved Numerical Examples / Index.


Undergraduate Students in Mechanical & Chemical Engineering


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