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Biotechnology: Principles and Applications
Author(s): S. C. Rastogi

ISBN:    978-81-7319-793-2 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2012
Pages:   696
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   1000

About the book

Biotechnology: Principles and Applications covers broad vistas of biotechnology, for students providing a sound basis of understanding of various aspects of this ever-growing field. This comprehensive book includes a wide coverage of topics needed to appreciate the principles and applied aspects of biotechnology.

Key Features

  • Core Techniques including DNA Sequencing, Microarray Technology, Protein Engineering and Mutagenesis Recombinant DNA Technology and Gene Cloning Vectors and Expression Systems for Heterologous Proteins Fermentation Technology and Down-stream Processing Transgenic Animals Technology and Applications Plant Cell Culture, Crop Improvement & Biofertilizers Environmental Biotechnology Including Utilization of Biomass, Bioremediation, Biomining etc. Biotechnology in Medicine and Healthcare Bioethical and Legal Issues in Biotechnology

Table of Contents

Preface / Section-A: Core Techniques in Biotechnology Introduction / Enzyme Biotechnology / Isolation and Purification of DNA / Genomics and DNA Sequencing Techniques / Synthesis of Oligonucleotides / Microarray Technology / Purification and Structure Visualization of Proteins / Protein Engineering and Mutagenesis / Proteomics / Section-B: DNA Technology Enzymes in DNA Technology / Gene Cloning: Genetic Engineering / Nucleic Acid Hybridization / Recombinant DNA Libraries / Polymerase Chain Reaction and its Applications / Section-C: Cloning Vectors and Expression of recombinant Proteins Plasmids and Transposons / Bacteriophages as Vectors / Other Specialized Vectors / Eukaryotic Vectors / Prokaryotic Expression Systems / Eukaryotic Expression Systems / Section D: Fermentation: Principles and Technology Fermentation Technology / Bioreactor Design and Instrumentation / Down-stream Processing / Production of Fermented Foods and Beverages / Production of Fuels and Chemicals / Section-E: Animal Biotechnology Animal Cell Culture and Characterization of Cell Lines / Application of Animal Cell Culture / Immunotherapy and Monoclonal Antibodies / Transgenic Animal Technology / Gene Transfer Technology / Section-F: Plant Biotechnology Plant Cell & Tissue Culture Technology / Application of Cell and Tissue Culture / Transgenic Plants and Crop Improvement / Agriculture Biotechnology / Section-G: Environmental Biotechnology Bioremediation / Utilization of Biomass / Biotechnology of Environmental Pollutants / Biomining and Bioleaching / Section-H: Biotechnology in Medicine & Healthcare Biotechnology in Medicine and Healthcare / Gene Therapy / Xenotransplantation / Legal and Ethical Issues in Biotechnology / Recommended Reading / Index.


Undergraduate Postgraduate Students & Professionals


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