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Green Chemistry: Environment Friendly Alternatives
Author(s): R. Sanghi, M. M. Srivasatava

ISBN:    978-81-7319-523-5 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2012
Pages:   372
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   700

About the book

Green Chemistry discusses the engineering concept of pollution prevention and zero waste both at laboratory and industrial scale. It encourages the use of economical and eco-friendly benign techniques which not only improves the yield but also brings down the cost of disposal of waste at the end of a chemical process

Key Features

  • Compilation of chemical, environmental, step change technologies Solvent alternatives, natural products Applicability to research as well as industry

Table of Contents

Foreword / Preface / List of contributors / INTRODUCTION TO GREEN CHEMISTRY: The need for green chemistry-R. Sanghi / Green chemistry-Innovations for a cleaner world-S. Srivastava & M M Srivasatava / Introduction, inception and evolution of green chemstry- R. Sanghi / AN ALTERNATE APPROACH TO SOLVENT CHEMISTRY: Exploring solvent free reactions-J. L Scott / A new tool for green chemistry: Solvent free microwave assisted organic synthesis-A. Loupy / Non traditional greener alternatives to synthetic organic transformations using microwaves-R. S. Varma / Ionic Iiquids: Prospects and retrospect-M.J. Earle et al. / Supercritical fluid extraction: A cleaner technology option for the industry-S. Sahu / ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY GREEN TECHNIQUES: Supported catalysis and reagents for green chemistry-E. B.Mubofu / Environmentally friendly synthesis and reactions of a,b unsaturated nitroalkenes-D. Amantani et. al. / Heterogenised reactions for green chemistry-J.S. Yadav et al / Trace element speciation by hyphenated techniques: A double impact for green chemistry-K. Wrobel et. al. / ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES: Oxidation technology at ambient conditions for wastewater treatment-A B Pandit & P R Gogate / A critical review on remediation technologies of textile effluents-P. Nigam et al / STEP CHANGE BIO-TECHNOLOGY FOR EXPLOITING GREEN CHEMISTRY: Green chemicals: Prospects and future in designing new drugs-G. Strobel & S. Saxena / Green Chemistry using biocatalytic reactions-A. Pandey et. al. / Designing next generation agrochemicals from nature-S. Saxena / MORE ABOUT GREEN CHEMISTRY: Green Chemistry awards / Books on green chemistry / Important websites / Biographic sketches of authors


Students of Chemistry and Environmental Science


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