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Diagnostic Technique for Myocardial Infarction: Based on Plasma Lipoproteins
Author(s): B. Bano, N. B. Zaitseva, V. V. Zaitsev

ISBN:    978-81-7319-504-4 
Publication Year:   2004
Pages:   145
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   500

About the book

This book is devoted to description of new scientific methods of complex approach to investigate the processes, determining human blood plasma structurization of non-metabolic type, which happens at myocardial infarction in polyclinic period of the rehabilitation. In addition to traditional methods of the diagnostics and medical treatment of the cardiological disease in vivo, new methods have also been described.

Key Features

  • Significance of the non-metabolic type complex methods of investigation for MI has been described investigating the laminar and molecular crystalline phase structurization of plasma lipoproteins in the blood New method described for blood plasma ozonization in aerosol at the ozone concentration (0-2%) in the presence of oxygen and visualization of plasma cells by polarization microscopy and by spectroscopic methods Shows structural changes in lipoprotein crystal structure from spindle shape to dendrites and then to fan like structure during various stages of MI Describes the cellular-vascular texture of blood plasma for determination of association between the texture formation and cardiac disease MI, which in turn is related to oxidation of lipoproteins Shows the leading role of surface energy for the interaction between blood plasma and surface wall of the capillary during structurization Described correlation of MI disorder and stucturization of human blood plasma lipoproteins in lamellar and molecular crystalline phase and provides details about physico-chemical characterstics of human blood plasma

Table of Contents

Abbreviations List / Introduction / Hyperlipoproteinemia and Ischemic Heart Disease: Blood Plasma as research object / Molecular biology of myocardial infarction / Atherosclerosis / Biological membranes in myocardial infarction pathophysiology / Conclusion on data of chapter / Clinical and Physical-Chemical Methods of Research of Complicated Biological Systems: Clinical research methods / Experimental research methods / Free-Radical Peroxide Oxidation of Lipids and Physico-Chemical Parameters of Blood Plasma, Experimental and Clinical Researches: Spectral methods of MI of Non-metabolic type / Fourier-spectrums in myocardial infarction diagnostics / Micelles formation and structural-phase transition in method of scanning calorimetry / Free-radical peroxide oxidation of lipids and phase transformations in blood plasma / Mesophases and Molecular Crystal Formation in Blood Plasma of Myocardial Infarction Patients: Lamellar phase of blood plasma biocolloid / The influence of peroxide oxidation of lipids on blood plasma structurization / Formation of textures in molecular-crystalline phase of blood plasma myocardial infarction patients / The influence of metals of variable on free-radical peroxide oxidation of lipids / Conclusion / Practical Recommendations / Literature List


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