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Landslide Hazard Assessment Using GIS
Author(s): Mowen Xie

ISBN:    978-1-84265-770-6 
Publication Year:   2014
Pages:   228
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 260mm
Weight:   557

About the book

Landslides are one of the main natural disasters, and the landslide hazard assessment has become a major concern for the mountain area development. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), with its excellent spatial data process ability, has attracted a great attention in natural disaster assessment. This book discusses, the GIS-based landslide hazard assessment, which is one of geotechnical engineering approaches based on the physical term, is considered as an acceptable method for analyzing the safety factor of the landslide and for mapping three-dimensionally and probabilistically landslide hazard. Combining the GIS grid-based data with four proposed column-based models of 3D slope stability analysis, correspondent GIS grid-based 3D deterministic models have been devised to calculate the safety factor of the slope. Based on the four GIS-based 3D slope stability analysis models, a GIS-based program, 3DSlopeGIS, has been developed to implement the algorithm where the whole of the input data is in the same form as the GIS dataset. Using the GIS grid-based 3D deterministic model and taking the slope unit as the mapping unit, the 3D safety factor index and failure probability are used for mapping landslide hazard. The method has been applied to some case study on three-dimensionally and probabilistically mapping landslide hazard.

Table of Contents

Landside and Geographic Information System: Introduction / Some basic concepts / Geographic information system / Slope Stability Analysis and Landslide Hazard Assessment: Slope stability analysis / Landslide hazard assessment / Main problems for landslide hazard assessment / GIS-based 3D Deterministic Limit Equilibrium model: Introduction of 3D deterministic limit equilibrium model / GIS grid-based data model / GIS-based three-dimensional method of limit equilibrium algorithm / Probability of failure / Locating critical slip surface / GIS-based Deterministic Model for Landslide Hazard Mapping: Shallow landslide forecasting model: Infinite slope model / 3D deterministic time-spatial model / Debris flow model / Slope unit / Shallow Landslide Hazard Mapping: Spatial shallow landslide hazard mapping / Rainfall-induced shallow landslide hazard mapping / GIS-based 3D Slope Stability Analysis: GIS based 3D limited equilibrium analysis of slope / Verification and application of System 3DSlopeGIS for slope stability analysis / GIS-based 3D Landslide hazard mapping: 3D deterministic approach for spatial landslide hazard mapping / 3D rainfall induced landslide hazard mapping / Landslide failure induced debris flow / References.


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