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Engineering Chemistry
Statistical Mechanics
Biofilms in Environmental Biotechnology
Green Engineering and Sustainable Development
Theory and Calculation in Chemistry
Practical Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Chemistry:
Pericyclic Reactions
Biofilms Control:
Integration of Fundamental Organic Chemistry with Green Chemistry:
Gas Sensors:

Introduction to System Software, An
Data Structure and Algorithm with C
Understanding Automata Formal Languages and Grammar
Engineering Graphics
Cracking the CSAT Code @ Call Centers
Advanced Programming in Scilab
Computer Graphics
Intelligent Computing and Signal Processing
Data Structure Simplified:
Software Project Management
Systems and Software Process
Software Testing
Digital Electronics and Devices
What is C:
Earthquake Resistant Design of Structure
Biofilms Control:
Biofilms in Environmental Biotechnology
Genome Editing:
Chemical Engineering
Numerical Methods in Science and Engineering:
Engineering Chemistry:
  Civil Engineering
Numerical Methods in Science and Engineering:
Handbook on Quality and Productivity Improvement of Concrete
Structural Analysis
Landscape Architectural Design and Construction Technology
Computers, Electronics and Electrical
Numerical Methods in Science and Engineering:
Analysis and Design of Single Stage Amplifier Circuits
Principles of Optimization Theory
Power Quality and Distributed Generation
Electric Machinery
Digital Electronics and Devices
  Mechanical Engineering
Finite Element Analysis with PATRAN / MSC NASTRAN
Fundamentals of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Engineering Fluid Mechanics:
Structure Design for Wind Turbine Blade
Numerical Methods in Science and Engineering:
Fundamentals of Robotics
Engineering Mechanics:
Rocket Technology
Metal Forming Technology
Emerging Trends in Science and Technology
Introduction to Advanced Machining and Finishing Processes
Antenna Fundamentals:
Fundamentals of Manufacturing Technology
Advanced Vibration Controlling Techniques
Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics
Principles of Optimization Theory
Finite Element Analysis with COMSOL
Finite Element Analysis with Solidworks Simulation
Plant Cell Differentiation and Organogenesis
Biofilms in Environmental Biotechnology
Textbook of Immunology
Trends in Frontal Areas of Plant Science Research
Breeding of Fruit Crops
Breeding of Vegetable Crops
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Renewable Energy Technologies
Breeding of Ornamental Crops
Introduction to Applied and Industrial Microbiology
Biofilms Control:
Animal Microbiology
Plant Developmental Biology
Genome Editing:
Bioprospecting in Life Sciences
Instrumentations Manual in Biology
Microbial Bioremediation of Contaminated Sites
Saving the Next Billion from Old Age Poverty:
Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations with Programs
Numerical Methods in Science and Engineering:
Programming in Scilab
Transformation in Differential Equation
Handbook of Practicals in Mathematica, A
Principles of Optimization Theory
Automata, Graphs and Logic
Fundamentals of Numerical Methods
Group Theory and its Applications
Introduction to Topology
Foundation Course in Mathematics, A
Finite Element Analysis with ANSYS Workbench
Basics of Functional Analysis
Group Theory:
Metric Spaces
Numerical Methods
Integral Equations and Calculus of Variations
Integral Transforms and their Applications
Basics of Differential Equations
Analysis on Manifolds and Fibre Bundles
Lectures on Symmetries
Concepts of Modern Algebra:
Functional Analysis:
  Biochemistry Biochemistry/BioTechnology
Genome Editing:
  Cardiology Community Medicine
  Gynaecology/Gynecological Surgery Immunology
  Neurology/Neurosurgery Oncology
Epigenetics in Cancer
  Pharmacology Physiology
Textbook of Physics
Numerical Problems in Solid State Physics
Classical Mechanics
Textbook of Relativistic Quantum Physics
Gas Sensors:
Wavelet Bases in Bounded Domains and Applications
Solid State Ionics:
Solid State Physics:
Programming in Scilab
Vector Spaces, Matrices and Tensors in Physics
Introduction to Green's Functions in Physics
Practical Approach to Nuclear Physics, A
Advanced Mechanics of Solids:
Classical Electrodynamics
Chaos and Physics
Digital Electronics and Devices
Nanophotonics and Nanostructured Fiber Sensors
Ultrasonics and Materials Science for Advanced Technology
Statistical Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics:
Programming in Scilab
Introduction to Stochastic Processes

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