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Structure Design for Wind Turbine Blade
Authors:   Wang Tongguang, Li Hui, Chen Cheng, Ye Tingting

ISBN: 978-81-8487-677-2 
Publication Year:   2019
Pages:   500
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

STRUCTURE DESIGN FOR WIND TURBINE BLADE discusses design and verification of composite materials and components. The blade is the basic and the most important component of wind turbine. Blade structure reliability is an important feature to ensure the safe operation of blades in a turbine. This book aims to provide all the aspects of the blade structure design, including basic theories and design methods. This book is useful for professionals, technical personnel, students and faculties.

Key Features

  • Detailed components and their designs with appropriate examples Blade structure design, with detailed introduction to blade structure components One, two and three-dimensional blade structure analysis methods have been discussed Consequent conversation on I-beam, thin-walled beam theory and finite element theory Cross section, component, laminate and layer of fiber and resin, micro problems of fiber are studied.

Table of content

Preface / Introduction / Part 1 - Structure Design Basis for wind Turbine Blade: Basic Principles / Composite Basis / Structure Design Basis / Part 2 Structure Design for Wind Turbine Blade: Structural Component Design / Design of Functional Parts / Part 3 Structure Design Methods for Wind Turbine Blade: Structure Verification Principles / Unidimensional Method / 2D Method / 3D Method / Other Methods / Part 4 Structure Component Design Methods for Wind Turbine Blade: Basic Verification Analysis / Laminate Analysis / Analysis of Sandwich Structure / Analysis of Adhesive Bonding / Analysis of Bolted Connection / Part 5 Special Subject for Structure Design of Wind Turbine Blade: Fatigue Analysis / Analysis of Impact Resistance of Blade / Analyses of Fracture Mechanics and Inter Laminar / Reliability Analysis / Full-Scale Testing of Blades / Summary and Prospect / References / Appendixes / Index.

Under & Postgraduate Students, Teachers and Researchers