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Advances in Dynamics, Vibration and Control
Authors:   Nirmal Baran Hui, Atul Krishna Banik

ISBN: 978-81-8487-550-8 
Publication Year:   2016
Pages:   524
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

Advances in Dynamics, Vibration and Control discusses papers classified under eight broad areas: Bridges / Soil Structure Vibration, Vibration Under Seismic / Blast Loading, Structural System Modeling and Responses, Dynamics in Biology, Economy and Others, Tribology, Control Theory and Applications, Dynamics and Control of Multibody Systems, composites, MEMS and NEMS and Mechanical Vibration and control. This book covers most of the directions in dynamics, vibration and control, promoting wide interactions among different academic disciplines.

Key Features

Table of content

Preface / Mitigation of Seismic Response of Five Storey Building Using Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers / Seismic Performance of I-beam Bridges Considering Different Skew Angles / Effect of Precompression on Thermal Vibration Characteristics of Boron Nitride Nanotubes / Dynamic Stiffness of an Infinite Taut String Supported by a Viscoelastic Layer and Subjected to Moving Loads / Soft Storey Collapse Prevention Of Rc Building Under Earthquake Load Using Rc Filled Steel Tubes / Control of Internal Resonance of Nonlinear Coupled Roll-Pitch Motion Using Time-Delayed State Feedback / Improvement of Energy Efficiency of an On-Off Controlled Hydraulic System Using Soft Switch: A Study with Energetically Consistent Bond Graph Model / Engineering Significance of Aftershocks: A Retrospective to 2015 Nepal Earthquake / Implications of Site Characteristics on Engineering Properties of Ground Motions Using Wavelets / A Literature Review on Diagrid Structural System / Static Response of Quasi Isotropic Laminated Plates Excited by smart Piezoelectric Actuators with Variable Thickness Ratios / Dynamic Analysis of Steel and Reinforced Concrete Chimney: A Review / Response of various components under seismic loads of RCC building- A review / Experimental Investigation Of Velocity Control Of Electro-Hydraulic Linear Actuator Using Fuzzy Pid Controller / Vibration Analysis of Rotating Isotropic and Composite Smart Plates using FEM / Experimental Investigation of Unbalance in a Rotor Bearing System Using Vibration Analysis and Phase Analysis / Model Based Fault Diagnosis of a Rotor Bearing System: Crack Versus Unbalance / Seismic Performance Evaluation of Setback Buildings Using Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Methods / Dynamic Behaviour of Plate Girder Railway Bridge Under Varying Speeds: A Case Study / MRE Based Adaptive Tuned Vibration Absorber for Powertrain Transient Vibration Reduction / A Study on the Seismic Performance of RC Building with Masonry Infills / Seismic Evaluation of Plan Asymmetric Building Using Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis / Convergence Study For Natural Frequency Of Rotor System Supported On Rigid Bearing / Tuning of Centralized PID Controllers by BLT Method for Unstable TITO Systems / Parametric Study on Variation of Fundamental Time Period of RC Building with Vertical Irregularities / Control of Electric Power Assisted Steering System using Model Predictive Control / Prediction of Stability Lobe Diagram in High Speed Ball End Milling Using Inverse Method / Free Vibration Analysis of Cross-Ply Laminated Bimodular Beam Using Equivalent Stiffness Method / Numerical Study on Chaotic Behaviour of Slip and Ageing Laws of the Rate and State Friction / The Effect of Ultra Sonic Vibration on the Surface Integrity of SS304 Micro Holes Drilled by Micro EDM / Damage Detection in Ball Bearings using Vibration Signature Analysis / Detection and Stiffness Analysis of Inclined Height Crack in Cantilever Beam using Strain Energy Analysis / Dynamic Control of Hybrid Laminated Plate with Integrated PZT-5H Actuator / Damage Detection Of A Hat Stiffened Plate Using Experimental Modal Analysis / Design and Modeling of a Flexible Acoustic Horn for Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Turning / Performance of Microbial fuel cell and its dynamic parameters control through MATLAB Simulation / Stability and Hand-stand Control of a Cart-Double Inverted Pendulum / Machining Dynamics of a Turning Centre: A Case Study / Static Analysis of Single Drum Vibratory Soil Compactor Chassis / Effect of damping on vortex-induced vibrations of a square cylinder at low Reynolds numbers / Buckling Analysis of Piston Rod for Hydraulic Cylinder of Cotton Bale Press Machine / A Review Of Progressive Collapse Research And Regulations / Variation of Wave Force on Vertical Thin Plate: Second-Order Stokes Wave Theory / Review on the Free Vibration Analysis of Laminated Composite and Sandwich Plates with Soft Core with Some Numerical Results / Design Modification of Fixture from 4-axis to 5-axis orientation / Non-planar Coupled Motions in a String Vibrating against a Smooth Unilateral Obstacle: Relevance to Indian Stringed Musical Instruments / Geosynthetic as Seismic Protection of Embankment / Fuzzy Logic Based Solar PV Power Prediction / Momentum Correction for Energy Conservation in Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics / Hydrodynamic Viscous Friction Analysis of Piston Ring and Cylinder Liner Contact / Bio-Slurry : An Important Factor For Sustainable Development And Parametric study of portable type biogas plant / Free Vibration Analysis of Laminated Sandwich Beam Structures / Structural Performance of Ultra High Strength Fibrous Concrete Beam Column Joints: An Overview / Detection of Damage in Beam from Measured Natural Frequencies Using Support Vector Machine Algorithm / Effects of Biodiesel from Non Edible Oils on Engine Performance and Exhaust Emission: A Review / Effect of Blast induced Shock on Structures and Foundations: A Critical Review / Sustainable development by Biogas & Bio-Slurry using algae and cow dung as substrates / Assesment of sustainable biogas production from algae and poultry waste / Structural Analysis of seven link kinematic chain using graph theory / Finite Element Analysis of a Fishplate Rail Joint due to Wheel Impact / On The Role of Electrorheological Fluids in EHL Line Contacts During Film Collapse Due to Sudden Halt / Molecular Modeling and Computing for PDZ Protein (a-1 Syntrophin) from Homo sapiens: A Comparative Optimization Approach for Protein/Drug Affinity / Dynamic Amplification Factor of Highway Bridges: An State of Art Review / Oil Whirl Detection in a Rotor-Bearing System Coupled with a 3-f Induction Motor using Bond Graph / Surface Roughness Effects in Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication of Line Contacts with Smart Lubricants / Development of Methodology for Seismic Design of Concrete Gravity Dam / Design Optimization of Bamboo Round Stick Machine by FEM / Finite Element Analysis of a Multi-Leaf Parabolic Leaf Spring using CAE Tools / Finite Element Analysis of Forged Ramshorn Hook Using CAE Tools / Metallurgical Investigation of Camshaft of Four Stroke Engine / Sliding Mode Control of Multi-Span Bridges / Transient Modelling of Induction Machine using Winding Function Method under Stator Fault / Metallurgical Analysis Of Crankpin Of Four Stroke Single Cylinder Petrol Engine / Coupled analysis and parametric study of a Spar shaped structure with different mooring cable configurations / Static and Dynamic Analysis of offshore jacket platform / Dynamic Responses of an FPSO with Mooring Cables Interacting with Different Bed Slopes / Identification of Isomorphism and inversion of Kinematic Chains Using Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors Technique / Linear and Nonlinear Coupled Analysis of Moored Floating Structure: A State-of-The Art Review / Review of application of shape memory alloys in civil structure / Progressive Collapse of Moment Resistance Steel building Subjected to Multi Hazard Loads: a Review Study / Design of Robust PID control for Twin Rotor MIMO System (TRMS) based on Kharitonov’s theorem / Nonlinear Dynamic Progressive Collapse of Semi-Rigid Jointed Steel Frames / Comparative Study of Reflecting and Non-Reflecting Boundary Condition for Blast Loading / Modeling Of The Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis Of Pile Embedded In Soil Using Finite Element Method: A Review / Seismic Response of Elevated Liquid Storage Steel Tanks Isolated by Conical Friction Pendulum Isolator at Top of Tower under Near-Fault Ground Motions / SPH and Non SPH Damage of Bridge under Blast using FEM-SPH Coupling / Signal Estimation of Response of a Two-Degree Freedom System using Wavelet Transformation / Effect of Seabed Soil Characteristics on Natural Frequency of Free Spanning Offshore Pipelines / Fault Diagnosis Of Boiler Feed Water Pump Using Vibration Analysis: Case Study.

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