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Fire Research and Engineering
Authors:   Akhilesh Gupta, Ravi Kumar, Shashi, Amit Dhiman, Surendra Kumar

ISBN: 978-81-8487-395-5 
Publication Year:   2015
Pages:   538
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

FIRE RESEARCH AND ENGINEERING focuses on Compartment fires, Fire Modelling, Fire Protection and Industrial Applications, and Fire Protection and Material Characterization. The experimental results of the parametric studies in a compartment fire are presented for the burning of solid, liquid and gaseous fuel. The fire and fire protection measures in nuclear power plant is extensively discussed with a focus on cable fire. In addition, the fire protections in steel plants, shipbuilding & ship repair industries, firework industries, coal conveyor belts, offshore installations etc. and different methods of fire prevention and characterization of fire material are also presented. The book will be extremely useful to researchers, industry experts and students working in various aspects of fire engineering.

Key Features

Table of content

Preface / COMPARTMENT FIRES: Phenomenological Considerations in Turbulent Combustion / Understanding the New Wave in Fire Safety Engineering with a Focus on Nuclear Safety / Comparison of Liquid and Gaseous Fuel Fires in a Corridor and Tunnel Like Enclosures / Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Oxygen Premixing with LPG on Flame Velocity / To Investigate the Effect of Ventilation on the Development of Fire in a Compartment / Experimental Study of Fire Propagation in Fabric Panels used in Shamianas / Experimental Study of the Effects of Fuel Location and Fire Size on Fire Characteristics in a Compartment / Experimental Study on the Effects of Compartment Fire Size on Heat Transfer to a Pipe / Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Cable Fire / Thermal and Hydraulics Aspects in Multiple Compartments during Room Fires / Analysis of Fires Involving Solid Fuels in a Compartment / A Proposal on Fire Propagation Potential for Vented Fire / An Experimental Studies on Propane Pool Fire Inside the Compartment / FIRE MODELLING: Heat Transfer in Composite Cylindrical Container during Accidental Fire / Numerical Simulation of Water Mist Velocity Distribution using Computational Fluid Dynamics / Fire Modelling and Case Studies / Fire and Sprinkler Modelling of Upholstered Chair Fire Inside a Test Room / Modelling Trajectory of Evaporating Water Jet for Extinguishing Large Pool Fire / CFD Modeliing of an Air Conditioner Fire in a Seminar Room / A Large Eddy Fire Simulation Validation and Applications from Nuclear Reactor Safety / Towards Energy and Heat Flux-Based Flame Height Criteria using CFD for Open and Confined Fires / Fire Modelling and Heat Fluxes Evaluation during Multiple Cable Fire Scenario using CFD Approach / FIRE PROTECTION AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: Critical Design Elements for Safer MV Switchgear for Power Plants Applications / Fire Protection Practices in Offshore Platforms and Procedure to Test the Efficiency of Fire Fighting System / Suppression of Multiple Pool Fires in a Compartment by Water Mist / Design Aspects of Fire Protection Measures in Nuclear Power Plants / Fire Protection for Coal Conveyor Belts / Hazard Analysis on Fireworks Industries at Sivakasi / Fire Protection Practices in Process Industries: Integrated Steel Plant / Fire Protection Practices in Ship Repair and Ship Building Industries / Urban Fire Risk Assesmnent-Indicators / The New Combined Fire Confinement and Fire Influence Approach of Fire Hazard Analysis for Nuclear Reprocessing Facilities / FIRE PREVENTION AND MATERIAL CHARACTERIZATION: Numerical Experiment of CI Engine Combustion using Converge Software / Effect of Phosphorus-Nitrogen Synergism towards the Flammability of Rigid Polyurethane Foam / Reinforced Concrete Portal Frames Subjected to Fire / Evaluation of Fire-Damaged Concrete Structures with a Case Study / Development of Fire Resistant Steel for Structural Application / Behaviour of Heated and Naturally Cooled Steel Tubular Joints / Spray and Combustion Characterization in Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI) Engine - A Review / Towards an Indian Fire Accident Database: An Android App for Automated Data Gathering / Testing Fire-Related Properties of Thermal Insulations / Integrated Deterministic and Probabilistic Approach for Nuclear Fire Safety / A Validation Study of Unstable Buoyant Plume in Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Situations / A Review on Ignition Risk of Hydrogen/Air Mixtures on a Platinum Laden Metal Surface and a Generalized Correlation for Temperature Rise of Metal Surface in Hydrogen Steam Environment.

Postgraduate Students, Library, Professionals and Researchers