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Metal Forming Technology
Authors:   Baldevraj, S. Venugopal

ISBN: 978-81-8487-260-6 
Publication Year:   Forthcoming
Pages:   600
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

METAL FORMING TECHNOLOGY contains latest developments in this important area. Articles on fundamentals, newer processes, novel ways of analyzing and interpreting the results, peripheral areas, quality management, environmental aspects and advanced technologies on metal forming are described in this book. Some of the best minds with experience and commitment were invited to make their contributions. This book is aimed at fulfilling the needs of the students at undergraduate as well as at postgraduate level, researchers and practicing engineers.

Key Features

Table of content

Fundamentals of Metal Forming / Fundamentals of Metal Casting Technology / Unconventional and Special Metal Forming Techniques / Explosive Forming / Forming of Powder Metallurgical Parts and Components / Superplastic Forming / Metal Forming Machines / Friction in Metal Forming / Carbides in Metal Forming Industry / Monitoring Metal Forming Processes using Acoustic Emission Technique / Rapid Prototyping / Computer Aided Design (CAD)/ Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Technology in Metal Forming Processes / Modelling of Metal Forming Processes for Desired microstructure and Properties / Intelligent Knowledge-Based Expert System for Hot Forging Process Design / Total Quality Management for Manufacturing Industries / Multidisciplinary Process Design and Optimization / Environmental Aspects of Material Processing Industries / A Holistic Approach to Thermomechanical Processing of Alloys.