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Thermal Fluid and Manufacturing Science
Authors:   D. B. Kulshreshtha, Anish H. Gandhi

ISBN: 978-81-8487-202-6 
Publication Year:   2012
Pages:   488
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

THERMAL, FLUID AND MANUFACTURING SCIENCE discusses new emerging technologies covering various themes under major thrust areas of alternative sources of energy, combustion science and engineering, energy system analysis and thermodynamics, fluid and thermal systems, heat and mass transport processes, I C Engines and Advances in Automotive Technologies, Material Science and Metallurgy, Manufacturing Science, Mechanical and Industrial Design, Safety Engineering, Risk Analysis and Reliability Methods, Vibrations, Acoustics and Tribology and Turbomachinery and Propulsion. This volume would be an asset to academic institutions, industries and research institutions and the contents therein would benefit the researcher in the related area.

Key Features

Table of content

Preface / KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Aircraft Propulsion – Past, Present and Future / Online Condition Monitoring of High Speed Gears using Vibration and Oil Analyses / Micro Gas Turbine Combustion Chambers: Numerical and Experimental Studies / Computer Simulation of Manufacturing Process / THERMAL AND FLUID SCIENCE: Experimental Investigation on Solar Paraboloidal Collector with Different Shapes of Receivers / Performance Analysis of Indirect Solar Cabinet Dryer / Development of Small Downdraft Gasifier to Run 5kW Single Cylinder Diesel Engine- A Review / Experimental Investigation on Rich Burn Quick Mix Lean Micro Combustion Chamber / Experimental Investigations on Tubular Type Hydrogen Fuelled Micro Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber / Trapped Vortex Combustor Concept / Lean Combustion Technology: Physics and Application / Different Methods to find out Adiabatic Flame Temperature and Predicting Pollutants / A High Density Hydrocarbon Fuel for LFRJ Application / Dump Diffuser Design and CFD Simulation of Annular Type Combustion Chamber for Small Gas Turbine Engine / Performance Analysis of Scramjet Engine - A Review / Energy Conservation in Oxygen Plant – A Case Study / Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Boiler with Different Fuels like Indian Coal, Imported Coal and L. S. H. S. Oil / Effect of Ambient Pressure on Spray Characteristics of Karanja Straight Vegetable Oil in a Constant Volume Spray Chamber / Experimental and Computational Analysis of NACA 24018 Airfoil / Overview and Control of Hydraulic System Leakages of an Excavator / Experimental Study of the Technique Increases Efficiency and Decreases Hazardous Emissions in CI Engine / Experimental Studies on NOX Reduction in a Bio-Diesel Fueled C.I. Engine with Cold EGR / Effect of Cooling on Performance of Electronic Heat Sinks – A Review / Theoretical Comparative Study of Cascade Refrigeration System for Different Refrigerant Pairs / Effects of Swirling Air on Performance of Air Blast Atomizer / Design and Experiments on Hydrogen Pre - Mix Nozzle / Investigation of Standing Wave Thermoacoustic Prime Mover / Effect of Artificial Roughness on Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristics of Equilateral Triangular Duct / Studies of Effect of Additives on CHF and Leindenfrost Point in Pool Boiling / Evaluation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Double Pipe Heat Exchanger for Temperature Range of Hot Fluid (90 °C TO 95 °C) / Physical Parameter Affecting Cryogenic Oscillating Heat Pipe Performance / Investigation on Heat Transfer Characteristics for Shell and Tube and Coiled Type Heat Exchanger / Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Double Pipe Heat Exchanger with Twisted Wire Mesh Insert / Numerical Investigation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Slotted Baffle / Computer Simulation on Flow and Heat Transfer at Tube Side of Feed Water Heater / Thermodynamic Analysis of Single and Double Effect LiBr/H2O Absorption Refrigeration System / EGR as an NOX Reduction Technique in Diesel Fuelled I.C Engine - A Review / Combustion Control with Trapped Residual Gas (TRG) for 4-Stroke HCCI/CAI Engines / Modal and Static Structural Analysis of Backhoe Loader Chassis / To Check the Variation in Efficiency of the 2 – Stroke Engine while Increasing in Inlet Air Temperature / Experimental Study on Emission Performance of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Blends of Diesel and Jatropha Biodiesel / Experimental Study of Effect of EGR Rates on NOX and Smoke Emission of TBC Diesel Engine Fuelled with Blends of Diesel and Jatropha Biodiesel / Performance Review of Catalytic Convertor in IC Engine / Investigation on Performance and Smoke Formation of Low Heat Rejection Engine with Diesel and Mahua Methyl Ester / Numerical Determination of Delay Period of Four-Stroke Compression Ignition Engine by Zero Dimensional Modeling / Crankcase Emission and its Control / Experimental Study of a Single Cylinder C. I. Engine with Diesel Vapour Induction using Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger / A Systematic Approach for Designing a Micro Radial Gas Turbine Rotor / Numerical Simulation of Centrifugal Compressor for a Small Gas Turbine Engine / Numerical Simulation of Centrifugal Impeller for Micro Gas Turbine using Meridonial Approach / Stress Analysis of Axial Flow Impulse Turbine / MANUFACTURING SCIENCE: Possible Causes of Porosity Type Deffects in Aluminium High Pressure Diecast Parts / IN2O3 Thinfilm Analysis by Low Temperature Atomic Force Microscope / Advanced Materials - Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) based Polymer Composites: A Review / Development of New Specimens for Friction Determination in Metal Forming / A Complete Approach to Wire Drawing Process Starting From Raw Material of Finished Product- A Review / To Increase Utilization of Tyre Industry using Lean Methodology / Experimental Corrosive Fatigue Life Analysis of Low Plasticity Burnished AISI 1045 / Material Removal Rate Prediction of C/SIC using Artificial Neural Network / Material Removal Rate Prediction of C/SIC using Artificial Neural Network Analyze Effect of Cutting Parameters on Geometric Tolerances in CNC Turning using Design of Experiment (23 Design) / Prediction of Depth in Laser Engraving Process using Raster Mode / High Speed Machining of Titanium Alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) With Coated Carbide Tool / Investigation of Springback in U-Bending of Sheet Metal and Sheet Metal Laminates / Experimental Investigation of Use of Mist Jets as Coolants and Lubricants in Optimization of Machining (Turning) Parameters / Working Condition and Its Effect on Productivity in an Organization / Analysis/Investigation on Effect of Blank Holding Force and Draw Bead on Hemispherical Cup Forming / Effect of Material Properties on Springback of Layered Strip: An Analytical Study / An Experimental Investigation of Power Losses in Gear Box at Different Operating Condition An Experimental Investigation of Power Losses in Gear Box at Different Operating Condition / Design Development and Analysis of Epycyclic Gearbox for Crane Hoist / Vibrational Analysis of Ball Bearing Rotor System / Parametric Design of a Compression Enhanced Shear Yield Stress Magnetorheological Fluid Brake / Determination of Numerical Cohesive Zone Length of Adhesive Joints / Risk Based Inspection of Pressure Equipments / A Use of Grey Relational Analysis Method for Evaluation of the Electric Arc Welding Strength / Sliding Friction and Wear Behaviour of Bronze Filled PTFE Composites / Investigation of the Effect of Plasma Arc Parameters on the Unevenness of Surface on Hardox- 400 Material / Analysis of Various Parameters of Thermoacoustic Engine using Delta-EC / Noise Effect of Bio Diesel in IC Engine / E Wear –Causes and Remedies – A Case Study of Sugar Mill Roller Shaft / Performance Improvement in Automobile Radiator / Experimental Study to Measure PRA Friction of Multicylinder Motorized Engine Test Rig – A Case Study.

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