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Machines and Mechanisms
Authors:   S. Bandyopadhyay, S.K. Gurunatha, P. Ramu

ISBN: 978-81-8487-192-0 
Publication Year:   2012
Pages:   612
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

MACHINES AND MECHANISMS form the backbone of industries, implements in agriculture, space exploration, and various appliances used in our daily lives. This title contains new developments at the core of the science of machines and mechanisms, as well as their applications in various walks of life. The contents represent contributions made by about two hundred researchers, practising engineers, and educators working in the fields of analysis and synthesis of mechanisms, robotics, compliant mechanisms, dynamics and control, design of machines for the industries, rural and agricultural sectors etc. in the 15th National Conference on Machines and Mechanisms (NaCoMM 2011). The variety of topics and the diversity of view-points should make the title significantly interesting to the beginner and expert alike in the general field of design and analysis of machines and mechanisms.

Key Features

Table of content

Preface / Workspace Evaluation for Analysis and Synthesis of Manipulators / From Equations to Embodiment-3 Case Studies / An Object-oriented Framework for SE(3) Motion Planning in Multibody Systems / Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms: General Method of Optimal Kinematic Synthesis of Planar Lever Mechanisms based on its Structural Properties by Example of the Eight-link Mechanism / Evaluation of the Polycentric above Knee Prosthesis / An Optimization Approach for Path Synthesis of Four-bar Grashof Mechanisms / Link Geometry Synthesis for Prescribed Inertia / A Nonlinear Elastic Transmission for Variable-Stiffness-Actuation: Objective and Design / Design Optimization of Toggle Mechanism by Mathematical Model / Analysis of Positional Error Due to Joint Clearances in Four Bar Mechanism / A History of TMM-MMS in Italy / A Reliability Based Robust Multi-objective Optimal Synthesis of Linkage Mechanisms Considering Tolerances / Curvature Based Mobility Analysis and Form Closure of Smooth Planar Curves with Multiple Contacts / Investigation of Autonomous Oscillating Linkages / A Framework for Analysis and Dynamic Visualisation of Mechanisms / Complaint Mechanisms: An SMA-actuated, Compact, Compliant Ring-actuator with Uniform Deformation / A Compliant End-effector to Limit the Force in Teleoperated Tissue-cutting / An Online Interactive Computer Program for Pragmatic Design of Compliant Mechanisms / Design of Force-amplifying Compliant Mechanisms for Resonant Accelerometers / Development of a Meso-scale Dual-axis Steel Accelerometer with Hall-effect Sensors / Development of Double Parallelogram Flexure Mechanism via Assembly Route / Design and Analysis of Machine Elements: Experimental Study on Micro-Textured Thrust Pad Bearing / Natural Frequencies of Bending and Torsion Stiff Composite Conical Shells with Delamination / Stability Analysis of a Spinning and Precessing Viscoelastic Rotor Model Under the Effect of Tensile Centrifugal gal Force / Design of a Flexural Joint using Finite Element Method / Prediction of Theoretical Wear in High Contact Ratio Spur Gear Drive / Stability Analysis of Rotors using Three-dimensional Finite Elements and HRZ Mass Lumping Scheme / Dedendum Optimization of Asymmetric Spur Gear / Frictional Dissipation at a Small Crack under Multiaxial Periodic Stresses / Deployment Dynamics and Latch-up Shock Estimation of Large Antenna Hold Down Mechanism / Control and Stability Analysis of aWalking Knee-less Biped with Torso / Design and Development of Novel Two Axis Servo Control Mechanism / Symbolic Computation and Simulation of a Spatial Pendulum / On the Anti-loosening Characteristics of M16 Threaded Fasteners under Vibratory Conditions / Application of Neural Network in Condition Monitoring of Ball Bearings / Vibration Based Fatigue Damage Assessment of Cantilever Beams / Identification of Unbalance and Looseness in Rotor Bearing Systems using Neural Networks / Design of Bed for Bedridden Patients: Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms / Development and Performance Evaluation of a Light Weight Power Tiller / Design of Multiside Tipper Tilting Mechanism / Kinematic Analysis of Link System used in Collapsible Type In-vessel Handling Machine / Development of Post Harvest Food Processing Machine / Innovative application of Kinetics for Low-cost Vehicle Speed Control System using Linear Cable and Open-coil spring / User Centric Designed Mechanism for Stairs-climbing Wheelchair (manual) / Adjustable Hand-cranked Tricycle for Mobility Disabled / Novel Design Solution to High Precision 3 Axes Translational / Parallel Mechanism / Task Space Trajectory Planning among Cooperating Robots / through Mirror Motions / Kinematic Analysis of a 3-UPU Parallel Manipulator Using Exponential Rotation Matrices / Test Results with a Binary Actuated Parallel Manipulator / A Complete Kinematic Analysis of the 3-RPS Parallel Manipulator / Singularity Analysis of Closed-loop Mechanisms and Parallel Manipulators / Forward and Inverse Kinematics of a Hybrid Series-parallel Manipulator / Dual-loop Control for Backlash Correction in Trajectory-tracking of a Planar 3-RRR Manipulator / Trajectory-tracking Control of Semi-regular Stewart Platform Manipulator / Performance Evaluation of Wheeled Rover by Analysis and Test / Neural Network-based Coordinated Motion Planning of Multiple Mobile Robots / Dynamically Stable Gait Planning of a Three-legged Vertical Surface Climbing Robot / Recursive Robot Dynamics in RoboAnalyzer / Modelling and Analysis of Three-degree of Freedom Micro-positioning Stage / Biomimetic Design and Development of a Prosthetic Hand: Prototype 1.0 / Trajectory Planning of Dual Arm Free Flying Space Robot using Polynomial Approach / A Unique Path Tracking Method of a Rectangular Robot / Shape Optimization of Revolute Single Link Flexible Robotic Manipulator for Vibration Suppression / Boombot: Low Friction Coefficient Stair Climbing Robot using Rotating Boom and Weight Redistribution / Design and Evaluation of Handover Movement Informing Receiver of Weight Load / An Improved Dynamic Modeling of a 3-RPS Parallel Manipulator using the Concept of DeNOC Matrices / Dynamic and Vibration Analysis of a Farm Tractor to Harness Energy via Piezoelectric Generators for Increasing the Fuel Efficiency / Frame based to Frameless Stereotactic Neuro-surgery / Kinematics Study of Rapier Driven by a Coupled Crank-variable Pitch Screw System in Weaving Machine / Conceptualisation of Stroke Limiting Device for Control and Safety Rod Drive Mechanism of Sodium Cooled Fast Reactor / On the Development of a Controlled Compressible Collet Clamp Micro Mechanism (C4žM) for RF Cables in Spacecraft Components / Design of the Pedal Operated Pipe Bending Machine / Robust Stabilization and Tracking of Position Servo-mechanism using Integral Sliding Modes / Dynamic Simulation of a KUKA KR5 Industrial Robot using MATLAB SimMechanics / Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Four Legged Jumping Robot with Complaint Legs / Active Vibration Control of Piezoelectric Laminated Beam under Clamped Conditions / Design and Development of an Innovative Stroke Limiting Device for Shutdown System of a Nuclear Power Plant / Active Vibration Isolation using Stewart Gough Platform / Dynamic Analysis of Electro-mechanical Switch with Experimental Validation / Design of a Neural Network-based Controller for Antilock Braking System Kinematic Analysis of a 3-RPS Parallel Manipulator using Euler Parameters / Performance Optimization in Four Wheel Independent Steer-by-wire Vehicles using Slip Angle Control / Fabrication and Assembly of Displacement Amplifying Compliant Mechanism / Stepper Motor Driven Rotary Electro-mechanical Actuators for the Mixture Ratio Control Application of Launch Vehicle / An Effective Method to Estimate Performance of Parallel Manipulators / The case for Fail Safe Mechanisms.

Postgraduate Students, Librarians and Researchers