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Prestressed Concrete Pipes and Pipelines
Authors:   N.G. Joshi

ISBN: 978-81-8487-153-1 
Publication Year:   2012
Pages:   248
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

PRESTRESSED CONCRETE PIPES AND PIPELINES touches all the aspects of Prestressed Concrete Pipe, right from its inception, design, manufacture, laying, maintenance etc. The specialty is the practical approach to every point, besides technical background. A design Engineer has not to refer to any other book than this, for water supply pipeline design. Spinning process is fully described both from practical and theoretical point of view, which is very useful to all Concrete Pipe Manufacturers. Unique feature is the experimental evaluation of the design of the pipe, based on the bursting pipe results. Latest approach to hydraulics, right from determination of surface roughness upto selection of appropriate value for “C” on Hazen and Williams formula. Case study of controlling surge pressure in 1400 mm dia, rising main is given, wherein a simple and economical device of “one way surge tank” is used. Calculations for it are included. Detailed worked out examples are given whenever needed. The book will therefore to be an asset to practicing, operation and maintenance Engineers.

Key Features

Table of content

Short History of Concrete Pipes / Background of Prestressed Concrete Pipes with Unique Properties / Properties of Centrifugally Cast ( Spun ) Concrete / Manufacture of Prestressed Concrete Pipes Including Quality Control and Repairs / Normal Problems Encountered During Manufacture of Prestressed Concrete Pipes and their Probable Solutions / Developments in Manufacturing of P.S.C. Pipes / Design of Prestressed Concrete Pipe / Design Proving Tests on Prestressed Concrete Pipe - Critical Review / Developments in Design of Prestressed Concrete Pipes / Hydraulic Design of Pipe Line / External Loads on Pipe Line / Laying and Field Testing of Pipes with Rubber Ring Joints / Pipe Line Appurtant Works and their Design / Maintenance of Prestressed Concrete Pipes / Performance of Prestressed Concrete Pipes / Appendixes / About the Author.

Postgraduate Students, Professionals and Researchers