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Water Resources Systems
Authors:   Pramod R. Bhave

ISBN: 978-81-8487-130-2 
Publication Year:   2011
Pages:   534
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

WATER RESOURCES SYSTEMS deals with comprehensive planning, analysis, design and management of river basins. Surface and ground water resources of India, with per capita availability at present and in years 2025 and 2050 are described. Augmentation of water resources through desalination, cloud seeding, rain water harvesting and other methods is covered. Systems approach and its application are described. Essential principles of hydrology, hydraulics and probability together with optimization techniques and economic analysis are covered. The subject is developed gradually by considering single-reservoir single-purpose systems, single-reservoir multipurpose systems, multiple-reservoir multipurpose systems, multiple-reservoir multiobjective systems and thereafter hierarchical systems. Capacity estimation and operation of single-reservoir and multireservoir systems during floods and droughts is described. Description and application of recent developments such as genetic algorithms and other evolution techniques, fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic and artificial neural networks is described. Brief description of available relevant computer softwares is given. A list of relevant Indian standard is also included.

Key Features

Table of content

Preface / Water Resources and Management / Augmentation of Water Resources / Systems Approach / Principles of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Probability / Optimization Principles / Economic Analysis / Single-Purpose Systems / Multipurpose and Multiobjective Systems / Hierarchical Systems / Reservoir Storage: Capacity Estimation and Operation / Genetic Algorithm and Other Evolution Techniques / Uncertainty, Reliability and Resilience / Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic / Artificial Neural Networks / Miscellaneous Topics / Answers / References / Appendix / Index.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students and Researchers