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Pressure Vessels and Piping: Volume I:Codes, Standards, Design and Analysis
Authors:   Baldevraj, B. K. Choudhary, K. Velusamy

ISBN: 978-81-8487-001-5 
Publication Year:   2009
Pages:   510
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

Innovative design coupled with realistic analysis is an important step towards achieving robust, safe and economical pressure vessels and piping technology. This volume of Pressure Vessels and Piping: Codes, Standards, Design and Analysis, is an effort to share the recent advances in design approaches, current issues in the design of special equipments such as valves, supports, bellows, gaskets etc., structural integrity, and life prediction and assessment methodologies for pressure vessel components. Critical examination of design codes, standards and their impending improvements along with material issues have been highlighted in several reviews. Recent advances in theoretical finite element modelling along with testing and evaluation of critical components envisaged for operation in hostile and inaccessible environments have been presented through several original contributions. The book is a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration to students, scientists, design engineers, plant personnel and technology managers.

Key Features

Table of content

Foreword / Preface / Challenges to material scientists and technologists for robust and economical fast reactor technology / Design and materials issues in relation to pressure vessel codes / Safety factors for global pressure equipment / The application of the linear matching method to the life assessment method R5: a comparison / Overview of research activities in BARC related to structural integrity of piping / Investigation of structural mechanics failure modes in FBRs / Multi-scale analytical modelling of pressure vessel materials / Determination of B2' stress Indices for elbows using plastic non-linear dynamic finite element analysis / Seismic fragility of pressure vessel for combined failure modes / Seismic testing and analyses on piping loop with relevance to recent changes in ASME section-III for level-D service conditions / Design philosophy of liquid metal heat exchangers in FBRS / Design and manufacture of PFBR steam generator / Shell design strength of industrial valves / Optimization of bolted flange joints with gasket using finite element analysis / A mixed formulation in the stress analysis of curved pipes under out of plane bending / An enriched element-free galrkin method for BI-material fracture mechanics / Non-axisymmetric dynamic response of buried thin orthotropic cylindrical shell due to incident compressional wave / An approximate solution to a specially orthotropic axisymmetric thin shell subjected to a harmonic boundary conditions / Optimization of horizontal cylindrical pressure vessels under stregth and stability constrains / Mechanical Stresses in thick FGM pressure vessels / Modelling of spring loaded safety value as an important device for pressure vessels and piping protection / Analysis of rotating disks under cyclic thermal and mechanical loads / On-line remaining life assessment of piping components in power plants / Development of 3-D online damage monitoring system for heavy water plant tuticorin / Leak before break application to high energy pipe lines of a 220 MWe Indian Nuclear Power Plant / Probabilistic assessment of the effect of cyclic load on crack initiation from a corrosion pit / Crack growth analysis of surface flaws in cylindrical shafts under combined bending & torsion / Stress intensity factors for shell-nozzle junctions with part-through wall axisymmetric cracks under interal pressure / Limit load analysis of circumferentially cracked pipes using probabilistic models / Pipe stress analysis: A review of ASME B31.3 requirements & its computer implementation / Application of plastic analysis in nozzle design of high pressure processing equipment / Effect of geometrical non-linearity on the load carrying capacity of thin shells with embeded stiffeners / Structural design of supports for large size pressure vessels / Design of a pressure vessel for human occupancy having rectangular door / Structural integrity evaluation of critical pipelines for a gas turbine engine / Stress analysis of piping of LZCS test facility for 500 MWe PHWR / Analysis of multi supported horizontal vessels / Failure analysis of multiply reinforced expansion bellows / Crack propagation in PFBR pipe elbows / Fatigue crack growth in circumferentially cracked stainless steel pipes / Experimental investigations on shell nozzle junction of steam generator for LBB justification / Investigations into failure of hot reheat LP bypass piping systems in utility sets / Reconstruction of the displacements and stresses at the points of pressurised tube via the given exterior displacements / Plastic deformation and fracture in low-carbon steel under fatigue conditions / Ab initio local approach and it use both to examine nature and to predict the irradiation effect on fracture toughness of pressure vessel steel / Crack modelling in power plant components / Safety concerns of shipboard installations / Authors Index / Subject Index / About the Editors.

Students, Researchers, Scientists, Engineers in Material Science & Metallurgical Engineering, Plant Personnel and Technology Managers