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Complete Knowledge in C
Authors:   Sukhendu Dey, Debobrata Dutta

ISBN: 978-81-7319-903-5 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2013
Pages:   306
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

Complete Knowledge in C presents a detailed exposition of C in a simple informative style and discusses various features of C language systematically. The book will be great use to the undergraduate and postgraduate students of engineering and computer applications as well as for the professionals.

Key Features

  • Clear demonstration of operators, control flow, arrays, strings, functions, structures, unions and bitfields, pointer and consol and file Numbers systems used in computer DOS and UNIX commands Testing of learning through various objective types of questions, fill in blanks, output of part programs and important questions in C Illustrated through numerous examples

Table of content

Preface / List of C Programs / Introduction to C / I/O Statements, Constants, Variables / Control Flow / Arrays / String / Functions / Structures, Union and Bitfields / Pointer / Console and Files / Number System / DOS and UNIX Commands / Test Your C Knowledge / Index / History of C / About the Authors.

Undergraduate Postgraduate Students & Professionals