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Modeling and Control of Vehicular and Robotic Systems
Authors:   Sisil Kumarawadu

ISBN: 978-81-7319-900-4 
Publication Year:   2009
Pages:   178
Binding:   Paper Back

About the book

Modeling and Control of Vehicular and Robotic Systems provides a comprehensive coverage of mathematical modeling and model-based control of autonomous vehicular and robotic systems based on three broad application areas, namely, rigid robot systems (with special emphasis on active vision heads, which are rare in contemporary literature), ground vehicles, and surface vehicles. Two main drawbacks of classical methods of model based controller synthesis and implementation, i.e. the need of an accurate knowledge of the dynamics that is a strong requirement in practice and velocity feedback of all degrees-of-freedom are thoroughly addressed. To overcome these deficiencies, design and implementation issues of online adaptive neural networks-based dynamic compensators and controller-observer systems have been included. The related issues of modeling, controller design, stability analysis, sensor requirements and options, and numerical simulations are also presented.

Key Features

  • C and MATLAB programs of numerical simulation examples provided in a CD

Table of content

Preface / List of Figures / List of Tables / Background / Derivation of Dynamics of Practical Systems / Model-Based Controller Design / Design of Combined Controller-Observer Schemes / Combined Logitudinal, Lateral, and Yaw Control / Robot Head Dynamics, Proofs: Existence of PD Matrices, (4.17), (4.62) / References.

Undergraduate Postgraduate Students & Researchers