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Labelings of Discrete Structures and Applications
Authors:   B. D. Acharya, S. Arumugam, Alexander Rosa

ISBN: 978-81-7319-860-1 
Publication Year:   2008
Pages:   192
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

The problems arising from the study of a variety of labeling schemes of the elements of any discrete structure such as a graph, a directed graph, a hypergraph or a signed graph is a potential area of research with a lots of challenging unsolved problems. Research papers giving recent developments and directions for further research on topics such as graceful labelings, graph decomposition, multiplicative labelings, set labelings, sigma graphs, orthogonal labelings, Skolem and Hooked Skolem graceful labelings for graphs and signed graphs, set magic labeling, k-equitable graphs and Arithmetic graphs by leading experts in the respective fields are included in this volume. This volume will serve as an excellent reference for experts and research scholars working on Graph Labeling Problems.

Key Features

Table of content

Preface / Labelings of Discrete Structures New Challenges / Uniform Intersection Set-Labelings of a Graph: I Regularisable Graphs / Multiplicatively Indexable Graphs / Some New Perspectives on Arithmetic Graphs / On Set-Valuations of Graphs / Embeddings and NP-Complete Problems for Graceful Graphs / A Note on Graceful Labelings and Graph Decomposition / Common Weight Decomposition Into Minimum Acyclic Graphoidal Covers / Label Graphoidal Covering Number of a Graph / On Multiplicative Labelings of a Graph / On Set Labelings of Graphs / On Triangular Sum Labelings of Graphs / k-equitable graphs k=2,3 / Sigma Graphs: Survey / Orthogonal Labelings of Graphs / Skolem and Hooked Skolem Graceful Sigraphs / Skolem Graceful Graphs: A Survey / A Note on Set-magic Graphs / A Graph Labeling Related to Root Lattices / List of Participants.

Graduate Students, Teachers & Researchers