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Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups, L-Functions and Automorphic Forms
Authors:   T. N. Venkataramana

ISBN: 978-81-7319-421-4 
Publication Year:   2001
Pages:   257
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

This volume is a collection of papers based on lectures delivered at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, during an international conference on Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups, L-functions and Automorphic Forms held during December - January, 1998-99 as part of the special year activity devoted to the above topics.

Key Features

Table of content

Converse Theorems for GLn and Their Application to Liftings / Congruences Between Base-Change and Non-Base-Change Hilbert Modular Forms / Restriction Maps and L-values / On Hecke Theory for Jacobi Forms / The L2 Euler Characteristic of Arithmetic Quotients / The Space of Degenerate Whittaker Models for GL(4) over p-adic Fields / The Seigel Formula and Beyond / A Converse Theorem for Dirichlet Series with Poles / Kirillov Theory for GL2(D) / An Algebraic Chebotarev Density Theorem / Theory of Newforms for the Maa? Spezialschar / Some Remarks on the Riemann Hypothesis / On the Restriction of Cuspidal Representations to Unipotent Elements / Nonvanishing of Symmetric Square L-functions of Cusp Forms Inside the Critical Strip / Symmetric Cube for GL2 / L-functions and Modular Forms in Finite Characteristic / Automorphic Forms for Siegel and Jacobi Modular Groups / Restriction Maps Between Cohomology of Locally Symmetric Varieties.

Postgraduate and Doctoral students ad Researchers