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Vibrating Machinery:Theory, Techniques and Applications
Authors:   Bangchun Wen, Hui Zhang, Shuying Liu, Qing He, Chunyu Zhao

ISBN: 978-1-84265-719-5 
Publication Year:   2012
Pages:   386
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

The working theory and techniques of vibrating machinery are described in this book. The applications, kinds, working principles and typical constructions of vibrating machines are introduced in the book briefly. This book described the theories of several technical processes, the design and calculation methods of technical parameters, calculation and selection methods of the parameters of vibrating systems, the theories of vibratory synchronization and controlled synchronization of vibrating machines with dual- or multi-motor drives, the dynamic theories of linear and nonlinear vibrating machinery (including inertial vibrating machinery, flexible linkage vibrating machines and electromagnetic vibrating machines). Besides these some examples are introduced in this book. This book can be used by the students and graduate-students of the universities to be as the study and reference reader. And this book also can be used by the researchers and designers of the research institute and design enterprises.

Key Features

Table of content

Introduction to the First Author / Preface / Applications, Classifications, Principles and Structures of Vibrating Machines / Principles and Design Calculation of Vibrating Machines / Design and Calculation of Mass, Damping, and Spring Stiffness of Vibrating Machines / Vibratory Synchronization for Vibrating Machines with Dual Motors / Design and Computation of Dynamic Parameters for Inertia Vibrating Machines / Design and Computation of Dynamic Parameters for Flexible Linkage Vibrating Machines / Computation of Dynamic Parameters for Electromagnetic Vibrating Machines / Electromagnetic Parameters and Control Systems of Electromagnetic Vibrating Machines / References.

Graduate Students, Researchers and Designers