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Landscape Architectural Design and Construction Technology, Second Edition
Authors:   Ariya Aruninta

ISBN: 978-1-78332-390-6 
Publication Year:   2018
Pages:   336
Binding:   Hard Back

About the book

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY focuses on the analysis of design ideas related to landscape architecture and construction behind such projects so that the readers can apply them to their work. A good design means the integration of appropriate construction techniques and the existing related knowledge and technology. The landscape architecture reflects its concepts and construction of that time. The writer, therefore, explains these concepts by comparing projects of different periods.

Key Features

Table of content

Preface to Second Edition / Design VS Construction / Contour Line / Grading / Drainage / Site Problems and Land Improvement / Embankment: Bearing Capacity / Natural Ponds / Man-Made Ponds, Pools, Fountains, Waterfalls / Wastewater and Treatment / Landscape Irrigation Systems / Outdoor Illumination and Lighting / Interior Landscape / Roof Garden, Green Roof / Green Design Concepts / Bibliography / Index.

Undergraduate Students and Professionals