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Journal of Ocean and Ship Technology
Volume 3 Number 2

ISSN: 0975-301X
Publication Year: December 2012
Pages: 53-96

Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Thermoplastic Composite Plate subjected to Transverse Load
- Lalitha Chattopadhyay and Shiva Shankar R
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Abstract : In this work, an elastic-plastic stress analysis was carried out on thermoplastic composite laminate analytically using classical lamination plate theory for small plastic deformation and plane stress case. The composite material is assumed to be strain-hardening. The Tsai-Hill theory is used as yield criteria. Elastic and elastic-plastic stresses were calculated for thermoplastic laminated composite considering simply supported plate subjected to uniform transverse load with different ply orientations.

Performance Evaluation of Podded Propulsors in Four Quadrants of Operation
- Mohammed Islam, Ayhan Akinturk and Brian Veitch

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Abstract :
This paper presents experimental results of the performance characteristics of a podded propulsor model. Fundamental research has been carried out to evaluate the effect of presence of pod-strut body on the propulsive performance in open water condition and in four quadrants of operation. Two cases are examined, namely: propeller only case and propeller-pod-strut (pod unit) case. In the propeller only case, a standard Kemp and Rammer dynamometer is used to measure the thrust and torque of the propeller. In the pod unit case, a pod-strut body fitted with the same propeller is experimented using a custom-made pod dynamometer system in the same facility. Measurements are made on the propeller thrust and torque as well as the unit forces and moments in the three coordinate directions and in the four quadrants of operation. The propulsive characteristics of the propellers in the two cases are found comparable in the four-quadrants. The effect of the pod-strut body on both thrust and torque of the propeller is found very evident. Detail uncertainty analysis is carried out for both measurements and is found within the acceptable limits. The presented data can be valuable for design of podded propulsor and CFD benchmarking for performance analysis. 

Dimensional Analysis for Prediction of Line Heating Residual Deformations
- Pankaj Biswas and N.R. Mandal

Abstract : Line heating process is a very complex phenomenon as a variety of factors affects the amount of residual deformations. Numerical thermal and mechanical analysis of line heating for prediction of residual deformation is time consuming. In the present work dimensional analysis has been presented to obtain a relationship between input parameters and resulting residual deformations during line heating process. The temperature distribution and residual deformations for 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm thick steel plates were numerically estimated and compared with experimental and published results. Extensive data generated through a validated FE model were used to find co-relationship between the input parameters and the resulting residual deformations by multiple regression analysis. The results obtained from the deformation equations developed in this work compared well with those of the FE analysis with a drop in the computation time in the order of 100 (computational time required for FE analysis is around 7200 seconds to 9000 seconds, whereas the time required using the nondimensional equations is only 60 to 90 seconds).

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