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Journal of Ocean and Ship Technology
Volume 1 Number 1

ISSN: 0975-301X
Publication Year: June 2010
Pages: 1-48
Weight: 80

A Micro-genetic Algorithm based Optimization of Marine Propeller for Podded Propulsion System
- Md. Mashud Karim
A micro-genetic algorithm (mGA) based optimization technique has been applied to the optimal design of marine propeller for podded propulsion system. Firstly, boundary element method is (BEM) used to predict open water performance of the propeller of a given sectional geometry with different chord distribution, pitch distribution, thickness and camber distributions. B-spline method is used to vary these distributions. The optimization algorithm then searches for an improved propeller geometry which gives highest performance satisfying some design requirements and imposed constraints. Finally, the podded propulsion system using this propeller is analyzed. In this study, micro-genetic algorithm (mGA) is found useful and prospective tool for the design optimization of a propeller for podded propulsion system due to its faster convergence.

Field Survey on Facility Damage of Yangon Harbor by Cyclone NARGIS in 2008
- Tetsuya Hiraishi
Abstract: Cyclone NARGIS was generated at the north of Indian Ocean and it crossed the Ayeyarwady Delta on May 2nd, 2008. In Yangon, the most populated city in Myanmar, its harbor area was damaged in the storm surge due to the cyclone. Almost floating jetties in the harbor were destroyed and their recovery has become an urgent subject because rescue supplies to the devastated areas were loaded at Yangon harbor. A field survey was conducted to study on the detail of damage related mainly to jetties and to discuss on the future recovery planning. The survey results revealed that the supporter of connection bridges became one of the weaker parts to be considered and that the mooring system of pontoon was not suitable to high tide due to the storm surge.

Reliability of Pipelines with Non-uniform Corrosion
- A.P. Teixeira, A. Zayed and C. Guedes Soares
: This paper presents a reliability analysis of non-uniform corroded pipelines under internal pressure. In alternative to the uniform reduction of pipe thickness due to corrosion or a localised area of reduced thickness, it considers the spatial distribution of the thickness of the corroded pipeline represented by stochastic simulation of random fields. The random fields of corrosion are discretized and the maximum internal pressure is then assessed by finite element analysis. The Monte Carlo simulation method is used to assess the uncertainty of the estimates of the burst pressure of corroded pipelines. The importance of the spatial representation of the corrosion by random fields in alternative to the traditional approach based on a uniform reduction of pipeline thickness is demonstrated. Finally, the probabilistic model of the burst pressure of a pipeline with non-uniform corrosion thickness is used to assess its reliability when subjected to internal pressure using the first order reliability method (FORM).

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