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Quantum Mechanics
Author(s): Franz Schwabl

ISBN:    978-81-85198-88-0 
Publication Year:   Reprint 1998
Pages:   422
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   155mm x 230mm
Weight:   500


About the book

A student’s first course on quantum mechanics provides the foundation essential for much of his or her future work in physics, be it in atomic, elementary particle, or solid state physics. This introductory textbook contains not only the foundations and many applications of quantum mechanics, but also new aspects and their experimental verification. It has as its particular virtues clarity and conciseness of presentation, while at the same time being self contained. Comprehensibility is further guaranteed by the inclusion of all the mathematical steps required for a complete understanding. Carefully chosen problems help to consolidate the student’s knowledge. In the introductory chapters, starting from the historical evolution of the subject, the fundamental postulates are developed inductively be means of an interference experiment. Thereafter the structure is purely deductive, covering all of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics, as well ad the quantization of the radiation field in the context of optical transitions. In addition to detailed treatments of the quantum mechanical “essentials”, for instance, scattering theory, time dependent phenomena, and the density matrix, such topics as the theory of quantum mechanical measurement and the Bell inequality are also discussed. A separate chapter is devoted to super-symmetric quantum mechanics, an area which to date has been accessible only in the research literature.

Table of Contents

Historical and Experimental Foundations / The Wave Function and the Schrödinger Equation / One-Dimensional Problems / The Uncertainty Relation / Angular Momentum / The Central Potential I / Motion in an Electromagnetic Field / Operators, Matrices, State Vectors / Spin / Addition of Angular Momenta / Approximation Methods for Stationary States / Relativistic Corrections / Several-Electron Atoms / The Zeeman Effect and the Stark Effect / Molecules / Time Dependent Phenomena / The Central Potential II / Scattering Theory / Supersymmetric Quantum Theory / State and Measurement in Quantum Mechanics / Appendix / Subject Index.


Undergraduate students and Postgraduate students


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