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Introduction to Database Systems, An: Volume I , Third Edition
Author(s): C. J. Date

ISBN:    978-81-8501-558-3 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2012
Pages:   610
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   140mm x 215mm
Weight:   575


About the book

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to database and the design of three major databases: Relational, Hierarchical and Network, with an emphasis on the Relational. This book constitutes the revision of the two previous editions and contains a complete “basic” course on databases.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Database System Architecture – Basic Concepts / Storage Structures / Data Structures and Corresponding Operators / Part 2: The Relational Approach – Relational Data Structure / The Architecture of System R / System R Data Structure / System R Data Manipulation / Embedded SQL / The External Level of System R / The Internal Level of System R / Query by Example / Relational Algebra / Relational Calculus / Further Normalization / Part 3: The Hierarchical Approach – The Architecture of an IMS System / IMS Data Structure / The External Level of IMS / IMS Data Manipulation / The Internal Level of IMS / IMS Logical Databases / IMS Secondary Indexing / IMS Fast Path Databases / Part 4: The Network Approach – The Architecture of a DBTG System / DBTG Data Structure / The External Level of DBTG / DBTG Data Manipulation / The Three Approaches Revisited / The Unified Database Language / A Comparison of the Relational and Network Approaches / Answers to Selected Exercises / List of Acronyms / Suggested Exercises / Index.


Undergraduate students.


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