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Intelligent Computing and Signal Processing
Editor(s): R. Rajesh, T. M. Thasleema, V. Kumar, N. S. Manohar

ISBN:    978-81-8487-691-8 
E-ISBN:   E 978-81-8487-722-9
Publication Year:   2021
Pages:   312
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   640

About the book

INTELLIGENT COMPUTING AND SIGNAL PROCESSING conveys latest information and discusses various applications. The applications of intelligent computing touches almost every part of the day to day life. This book covers applications of intelligent computing in health care, physics, quantum computing, automated vehicles, biometric, speech recognition and time series analysis etc. It also opens the door for future research in the advanced topics of computational intelligence and signal processing.

Table of Contents

Unconventional Computing with Membrane Computing: Some Applications / Entropy based High Rate DDoS Attack Detection using Garch Model / Applicability of One-Time Trained Machine Learning Predictive Model Along Wind Speed Time Series / Quantum Machine Learning in High Energy Physics: The Future Prospects for Collider NICA / Survey of the Broad Casting-based Optimizations in Multi- Hop Wireless Networks / Picture Fuzzy Parameterized Soft Set and its Application in Decision Making Problems / Estimation of Flooded Areas using SAR and False Color Remote Sensing Images with the Application of Wavelet and Multi-Thresholding / Periodic Pattern Mining in Time Series / Time Series Classification using Subsequence Matching / Classification of Cardiotocographic Records using Real Adaboost Algorithm / Immunotherapy Prediction using Adaboost Classifier / Deep Learning in Image Recognition -A Review / Thoracic Surgery Data Classification using Adaboost Classifier / Photo Biology in Techno Therapeutic Field / Review: Feature Extraction of EMG Signals / Various Security Strategies and Controller Placement Problem of Software Defined Network (SDN): A Study / Prediction of Wart Therapeutic–a Big Role of Cheminformatics on the Drug Development Process / Automatic Leaf Disease Detection and Classification System for Apple Leaves / Coronary Artery Disease Detection using Soft-Max Boosting / An Efficient Modified Boosting Method using Activity Recognition with Healthy Older People Dataset / Cryotherapy Prediction using Adaboost / Comparative Study on Image Denoising using Total Variation Method / Circular Image Blocking and Encryption Algorithm using Chaotic Maps / Self-Driving Vehicles: Are We Ready? / Exploratory Data Analysis of Migraine Data / Performance Analysis of Image Classifiers based on SIFT and GIST Descriptors / Classification of Skin Lesion by Feature Selection using Evolutionary Algorithms / A Vision Based Approach to Driver’s Hand Signal Recognition / Wavelet based Visual Feature Extraction Technique for Visual Speech Recognition / Comparison of Machine Learning Models for Detection of Dementia / Leveraging Big Data Analytics Frameworks for Computational Epidemiology / IoT Technology for Shaping the Future of Agriculture / Nonlinear Speech Analysis and Modeling for Malayalam Isolated Word Recognition using Dynamic Time Warping / Classification of Lung Carcinoma using Multi Logit Regression in Neural Network / Encrypted Traffic Classification using TLS Fingerprinting / A Study on Rough Set Theory for Beginners / Hybrid Method for Classification and Prediction of Diabetes in Aura Images using Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic.


Postgraduate Students, Professionals and Researchers


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