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Emerging Trends in Science and Technology
Editor(s): Koyel Ganguly, Arun Kumar, Satyajit Chakrabarti

ISBN:    978-81-8487-642-0 
E-ISBN:   E 978-81-8487-690-1
Publication Year:   2019
Pages:   248
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   650

About the book

EMERGING TRENDS IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY discusses advancements in different areas of Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Bio-Science, Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering. The chapters in this book are original research papers and reviews.

Key Features

  • • It provides a clear understanding to beginners • The readers will get a flavor of the recent areas of research

Table of Contents

On the Existence of Magnetic Monopoles and the Invariance of Maxwell's Equations Under Time Reversal / Study of Optical Properties of Dielectric-Dielectric Interface / Study of Animal Languages: Interpretation and Encryption / Mystery of the Universe / Gravitational Collapse: An Overview / A Review on Gravitational Waves / Aerodynamic Design of High Speed Train by CFD Analysis / A Review on Earthen Tube Air Cooling System for Space Cooling Application / Sustainable Eco Friendly Cold Storage using Phase Change Material Incorporated with Vivace Technology / Reducing Aerodynamic Drag and Fuel Consumption / Thermal Energy Storage / Smart Air Bag Jacket for Bike Rider’s Safety / Development of a New Methodology for Multiple Line Outage Identification using Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) with Bad Data / Design of an Optimized Battery Energy Storage for Load Satisfaction in Stand-Alone PV System / 6t Finfet Based Voltage Controlled Oscillator / Study and Analysis of MYO-Electric Prosthetic Arm / Contingency Ranking of Power System via Novel Overall Severity Index (OSI) / Cost-Effective, Fast-Moving Mass Transportation System: An Application of Wormhole / Acid Recovery Based Novel Route for the Synthesis of Nanocellulose from Lignocellulosic and Cellulosic Fibres / Gold Nanoparticles as SERS Substrate for Molecular Detection / Mechanical and Metallurgical Characterization of Aluminum Nano Material Composite Reinforcing with Silicon Carbide, Waste Egg Shells, Cow Dung Ash and Boron Carbide / Effect of ZnO Nanoparticles on Series Resistance of Phenosafranin Dye based Organic Solar Cells / Use of Graphene in the Finfet Architect / Natural Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite Material – An Overview / Some Mechanical Properties of Copper-Molybdate and Selenite Glass Nanocomposites / Review Paper on Privacy Enabled Biometric Security / Marketing Automation through Machine Learning Algorithm / Cloud Computing- Issues, Challenges, Platforms & Applications / Intelligent Systems Techniques in Programming Nanotechnology / In-vitro Evaluation for Bioactivity Properties of Crystalline Silica-Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites in Simulated Body Fluid Digital Health for Cancer Management: Smart Health Technologies in Complex Diseases / Mass Storage Capacity of Junk DNA and its Possible Future Applications / Modelling the Progression of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cancer using Mathematical Modelling and Stochastic Theory / Assessment of Changes in the Environmental Components During a Thunderstorm using Automated Weather Station (AWS) Data / Feasibility of Biogas Production from Canteen Waste / Morphodynamic Study of Ichamati River Basin using Geospatial Techniques and its Impact on the Local Environment / Salt – Water Technology and its Implementation.


Postgraduate Students, Librarians and Industry


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